Crypto Businesses, look no further, UK Current Accounts are here for you!

One of the main problems which led to the foundation of Cashaa was the gap between traditional systems and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto companies, which frequently have as a goal to bank the unbanked, are struggling to open bank accounts for themselves. Especially smaller companies related to cryptocurrency get rejected by traditional banks, including in the US and Europe, places which otherwise would picture themselves as progressive and crypto-friendly.

On one side, policymakers try to make their countries attractive for crypto startups, on the other side, banks are not acting accordingly. This creates a huge opportunity for Cashaa, which has already solved the problem.

We are providing the necessary infrastructure for any crypto-related businesses like exchanges, wallet companies or brokers, who can focus on building their own product while Cashaa takes care of their banking problem.

All corporate accounts include a UK current account that comes with a MasterCard.

What’s more, we are the only one who provides fiat and multi-sig crypto accounts without transaction fees to our community, see our first session with more details on our CMC wallet.

We welcome businesses from anywhere except India, China (except Hongkong) and sanctioned countries. After submitting the necessary documents and having deposited the required amount of CAS token, we will start the application review.

Cashaa will do all the hard work in the background, including continuous risk assessment with all checks on you, on all transactions and on the customers you are onboarding.

Checks of crypto transactions are already done in the CMC wallet, which is what banks are lacking.

Pricing starts from 100 GBP/Month and CAS deposit of 100,000; we already received 164 requests to open an account, and will select 10 companies from all over the world to open an account in March through our system. This will allow us to understand the global requirements and make sure we have proper tools, compliance, policy, and procedures before we automate our customer onboarding.

Note: Due to the high demand for our Business Accounts, we are not reviewing the Blue Business applications. Any business who applied for an account, please deposit the CAS stake to wait in the correct queue. Please make sure that you are applying for the correct account type. The operational account is only for businesses who are not in crypto and want a regular bank account with a feature to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. All other businesses will fall under the category of merchant account.

As we are progressing and our systems will evolve in the next quarter, we will expand our business accounts offering to other industries such as gaming and cannabis industry, starting from June 2019.

Personal accounts with the card will be launched in early 2020, as we until then want to mature our products for different businesses. Furthermore, enabling businesses at first eventually can also get us related individuals from these businesses’ communities more easily.

To access the presentation, click here.

We hope you enjoyed our four AMA sessions, we are inviting you to provide us your feedback and suggestions for further sessions. We will now conduct monthly AMAs, each on the first Sunday of the month, 3.30pm GMT, starting from Sunday, 7 April 2019.

Cashaa Team

One Account for old and new Money

Join us in Amsterdam and learn how Cashaa stands out from the crowd!

Amsterdam over the past years has become one of the most important cities for us aside London, due to our local community, the number of local businesses interested in banking with us, as well as the overall buzz of the city, being one of the leading innovation hubs in Europe!

We are excited to spend some time in Amsterdam once more, 4th July until 10th July!

Aside from meeting new business partners, we want to take the chance to meet our wonderful supporters in the region, and update you all in person about the past months!

You can meet the team at our Cashaa Meetup at the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, on 7th July, 5.30–7pm CEST, venue: Zeedijk 43A, 1012 AR Amsterdam.

Kumar will present on why Cashaa stands out from the crowd of today’s challenger banks and from other attempts to bridge fiat and crypto, give an update on anything that’s new since we were last in Amsterdam, as well as answer your questions at a roundtable discussion on various topics!

To join the meetup, sign up here.

If you want to meet on any other day until 10th, let us know at

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Join us at the Summer HI Tech Festival 2019 in London!

Cocoon Global’s popular HI Tech Festival is back!

After the China-UK HI Tech Festival during London Tech Week, where Janina participated in a panel, she got invited to speak again at the coming Summer HI Tech Festival — Tech for All.

This packed one-day conference is part of the Panda Innovation Series that takes place 7–8 times a year at Cocoon Global in London, connecting UK and Chinese talent, key opinion leaders and investors, discussing topics including crypto investment, blockchain, cleantech, drones, smart grids, personal success stories and more.

Cocoon Global is known as one of the London tech scene’s most exciting and diverse ecosystems promoting collaboration between UK startups and the Chinese market, and helping businesses scale up overseas.

We are inviting you to join Janina and Ana on 16 July, 8.30am — 9pm BST, venue: 4 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS.

Janina will participate in a panel between 3.30–4.15 pm on “Effective Marketing of Tech Companies”, sharing the journey how we have grown over the past 3 years to what we are now, solving one of the biggest problems for businesses in the crypto space, with our highly in-demand crypto-friendly business accounts that convinced already over 400 crypto businesses to sign up.

For the full agenda and to register for your ticket, visit here.

See you on the 16th!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

February 2019 Wrapup — BSI 2019, exchange launch and more!

Product/Partnership Updates

This month, we have launched our exchange capability, enabling you to exchange fiat and crypto in your CMC wallet. The Cashaa Exchange solves the convertibility, liquidity and security problems that many existing exchanges have. We give you the best price from various exchanges, without requiring you to have an account there.

For more information, see here.

We held weekly AMAs about our new products including CMC walletCMC exchangeCashaa APIs and UK current accounts, each session followed by a Q&A.

Thanks for everyone who joined, we hope it helped your understanding so you can now go and make the best use of our products for yourself, and spread the word to any business you know.

We are looking forward to our next AMA session, which from now will be held monthly, Sunday 9 April 2019, 3.30 pm GMT.


We were honored to be selected Fintech Partner at BSI 2019, the first event of its kind in India, as part of the Blockchain2030 Initiative supported by the Government, to transform India with blockchain technology by 2030.

The Summit attracted over 2300 guests and 80 speakers including Shri Suresh Prabhu (Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry, Government of India), directors of leading universities, over 50 VCs and crypto funds, and blockchain experts including from leading corporations who presented their activities in India.

Right after the Summit, 22–23rd February, the Supreme Court of India on 25th February gave a 4-weeks deadline to the Government to come up with a cryptocurrency regulation, the impacts of which will be immense for the space worldwide.

It was one of the most outstanding events in Cashaa’s history, and we are looking forward to help making it even bigger in the years to come.

To read more, see here.

The following week, our CTO and CPO represented Cashaa at another major conference, FintegrateZone, Mumbai:

Cashaa in the Media

We are proud to have received an 8/10 rating by renowned author Nik Patel (“An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook”), who thanks to a great initiative by our community, created an in-depth, 4000-word report on numerous aspects of Cashaa, see here.

Please like and share the report here to get the word out as much as possible!

At Blockchain Summit India, Kumar got interviewed by Brand India Magazine for their podcast, you can listen to the episode here.

Together with Blockchain Summit India, Cashaa also got featured in the following articles:

Money Control: Blockchain Summit underscores the need for Crypto Regulation in India

Medici: Blockchain Summit receives Support from Govt. to make India Blockchain Capital

Coingeek: Upcoming Blockchain Summit in India could be a good sign

Coingeek: Blockchain Summit India 2019 full of important announcements Indian Blockchain Summit draws Policy Makers to speed up Crypto Regulation

AMB Crypto: Blockchain Summit backed by India’s Department of Science and Technology offers new hope to crypto-enthusiasts

Coinstituency: Cashaa launches CMC wallet with exchange functionality at BSI 2019

Coinstituency: Blockchain receives Government Support in India as Officials Participate in Blockchain Summit

We thank you all for your support and are looking forward to the immense opportunities we’ll have together, which the coming weeks and months in India can bring!

Team Cashaa

One Account for old and new Money

A new world of opportunities is opening in India — Be a part of it!

As one of the earliest crypto companies in India, we always saw it as our mission to spread the word among the future generation of business leaders and conducted many university lectures in the past years.

E-Summit’19, 15–17 March 2019, is a 3-day entrepreneurship fest, bringing together 1600 attendees, 40 startups, 10 events, 10 speakers and 200 internship opportunities.

E-Summit is organized by E-Cell, VIT, a student club that aims to bring the spirit of entrepreneurship to everyone and provide opportunities that will help young entrepreneurs on their way to success. E-Cell also organizes numerous events throughout the year which helps students promote their startups.

The Summit starts with the E-Talks session with 5 motivational speakers, including Kumar Gaurav, inspiring students and promoting entrepreneurship.

Under the topic of “India is opening up for cryptocurrency — Capture the new world of opportunities”, Kumar will share his entrepreneur journey, how he founded Cashaa and founded Auxesis, and how he made them 2 of the Top 100 most influential blockchain companies worldwide, together with insights into the crypto space in India and how to get started.

Students will be equipped with all they need to make the best use of the new wave of creativity and innovation that we’ll see once India legalizes crypto.

Date: 15 March 2019, 12.00–12.25pm

Venue: Gorbachev Rd, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632014, India

The agenda also includes a technical and business workshop, a 15-hour hackathon, competitions, and an internship expo; for more details, see here.

E-Summit’19 perfectly fits into our ongoing work in educating and building a blockchain ecosystem in India, including startups, corporations, and universities. Many of them recently have come together at BSI 2019. Another initiative over the past years was Blockchain Lab India, conducting research and training.

If you are around, join us, we are looking forward to meeting you!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Meet Janina Lowisz at Cryptovator’s Blockchain for Businesses Event, London!

A lot has happened in the past weeks — we have updated our account plans, we have started business onboarding this month, reaching 177 business signups and over 2000 individual signups.

We are excited to present all the latest at the Blockchain for Businessesevent in London, which is bringing together over 50 participants and inspiring speakers. With over 10 sessions and plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded blockchain enthusiasts, this event aims to help you bring your business to the next level.

Day: Monday, 25 March 2019
Time: 14.30–15.00 GMT

Venue: The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 7DL

Janina will share her journey in the blockchain space and Cashaa’s achievements, which this month became the first to provide business accounts to crypto businesses worldwide, secure and compliant multi-sig wallets, and a wealth of highly useful features more.

In the coming days, our plans will be updated to make our accounts even better — stay tuned!

Other speakers include representatives from Sainsbury’s, Bupa, as well as fellow crypto startups Nuggets, BlockBank, SatoshiPoint, and DiamondBack. For more details and the complete agenda, see here.

Blockchain for Businesses is organized by Cryptovator, a cryptocurrency social media influencer, investor and educator since 2013, who is reviewing blockchain projects on his Youtube channel.

Looking forward to meeting you in London, answer all your questions and fulfill all your businesses’ banking needs!

Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform