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Blockchain Summit India was an immense success for us, we are excited to share the insights with you!

As most of you know, cryptocurrency regulation in India is one of the most-discussed topics in the space these days, since the Supreme Court on 25 February gave a 4-week deadline to come up with a cryptocurrency regulation. What makes this even more noteworthy for us, is that this milestone decision came right after our highly successful Blockchain Summit India, 22–23 February.

The opportunities that come with opening cryptocurrency in what is now only 3 weeks away can only be estimated. We already noticed a massive spike in requests from all over the world, of entrepreneurs and existing businesses who want to access this new market.

Businesses worldwide, look no further, Cashaa has all you need. We are your gateway to 1.2 Billion people.

Now let’s look at Blockchain Summit India in more detail.

Blockchain Summit India 2019, the first edition of the Vision Blockchain 2030 initiative, was held at IIM Lucknow Noida Campus on 22–23 Feb 2019. The summit inaugurated with a welcome messages by Shri Suresh Prabhu (Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry, Government of India), Mr. Sanjay Kumar (Chief General Manager, HPCL), Mr. Nitin Seth (CEO, Incendo Inc. & Ex-COO Flipkart), Prof. Akbar Ansari (IIM Lucknow EIC) and Kumar Gaurav (Founder & CEO, Cashaa; Chairman, Auxesis Group).

Shri Suresh Prabhu welcomed the ideas presented in the summit and mentioned that the technology offers great opportunity to think differently and bring in strategic ideas which the Government is looking forward to implementing.

The summit has been supported by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and State Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Kumar Gaurav had opened the summit on 22 February with a keynote speech on “India redesigning a system of trust for the survival of the human race”, followed by an opening ceremony. You can watch the speech here.

The following day, Kumar moderated a panel on alternative equity investment providing new high return opportunities for Indians around the world, with representatives from Plutus VC, NeonVest, Bluford Capital and Smart Valor participating in the discussion.

Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry at this special occasion also announced the agreement signed with the Government of UAE to learn and leverage blockchain technology in the e-governance of India. The 2 days summit observed the presence of over 80 global blockchain influencers and speakers to address 2300 participants joined at the summit.

More than 50 VC & crypto funds together with a number of premium academic institutes including ISB, NUS, IIT-B, IIT-D IIM-S, and others participated in the summit to strengthen the Indian blockchain ecosystem. Representatives and bureaucrats from various ministries participated to take notes on empowering a blockchain ecosystem and include ideas in the current formulation of cryptocurrency regulation of India. The regulation is planned to be implemented by the end of financial tenure. 10 panels were constructed to discuss topics of e-governance, supply chain, fintech, Aadhar (Indian identity system), cryptocurrency regulations, digital frauds, money laundering, ICOs & STOs, traditional funding and skills enhancement in the blockchain.

A special highlight of the summit was the launch of India’s first public blockchain network by Auxledger during the inaugural session. Auxledger’s public network enables business-ready functionalities including non-volatility of network fees and enabling data privacy in a public chain. The enterprise-grade network is going to act as the heart of Auxledger technology and will soon enable interoperability across the 100s of private Auxledger chains which are live with over 60 million users of Indian State Governments. Auxledger, which also has been a partner of Cashaa for over a year, has been a preferred choice for blockchain infrastructure by the Indian Government, and many Fortune 500 Companies joined Auxledger as partners. With a live public network, the Auxledger ecosystem is expecting to grow at exponential speed.

One of the largest summits hosted in the country had multiple elements to offer its mixed audience of policymakers, entrepreneurs, VCs, academicians, and students. At the main stage, the conference included corporate presentations on blockchain by Google, IBM, Cognizant, ConsenSys, Auxesis, Tech Mahindra, Accenture and EIL for India, along with keynote speeches from directors of leading universities as well as experts from the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Along with the stage conference, the main attractions of the summit included the Blockchain Expo, Blockchain Startup Pitch and Blockchain Masterclass:

Blockchain Expo

Blockchain Masterclass

This first Blockchain Summit India is the first annual conference that will be held until 2030, as part of the Blockchain2030 initiative, which is set to transform India’s e-governance until 2030 using blockchain technology. We are proud that Cashaa is part of such an impactful initiative, which is set to bring the advantages of blockchain technology into the lives of 1.2 Billion people.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and who helped spread the word worldwide!

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Here’s to an even greater Blockchain Summit India 2020!

Cashaa Team

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