CAS Swap Voting FAQ

Our voting on the CAS token swap has started and will run until 15th June 2019 12:00 PM GMT, or if holders of more than 370 Million CAS tokens have voted for any one option.

Please read our previous article HERE for all details on the voting mechanism, and also have a read through the following FAQ:

What to do if your tokens are at an Exchange?

  1. Login into your exchange account.

2. Withdraw them to your Cashaa Account and complete the KYC.

3. In case of any issue, raise a helpdesk at the respective companies.

Note: If you are not able to withdraw your tokens on time you will not able to participate in the vote with exchange tokens, but still you will able to get the new CASHAA token in case of SWAP happening. Detailed information on this will be given in the case the community decided to go with SWAP.

How will the voting process work?

Please find the article with the instructions. If you are voting from your Cashaa wallet, it will look as follows:

What if the SWAP vote succeeds?

  1. All existing CAS tokens will be discontinued from the Cashaa ecosystem and the new CASHAA token will be implemented.
  2. CAS tokens in the hands of criminals (by hacking, phishing, scamming, etc.) will become obsolete (without KYC) and will not cause any effect on the market price.

What will happen to the recovered funds?

  1. 50% of funds will be used to cover the cost of the SWAP.
  2. 25% of the funds will be returned to the victim.
  3. 25% of funds will be distributed among the voting participants. These funds are the reward for active participation and will be sent to your Cashaa wallet and will be locked for 12 months.

Do you need to be worried about your existing tokens?

  1. If you have your keys protected, you should not be worried. Make sure if you have an account with 2FA to please enable it.
  2. If you have purchased the tokens at the token sale or at any exchange, then there is nothing to be worried about.
  3. Only the criminals are targeted and they won’t benefit from the SWAP.

What if the SWAP will not happen?

  1. No change will happen, everything will continue as it is.
  2. The criminals will get away with the stolen CAS tokens.
  3. These criminally obtained CAS tokens can be dumped anytime in the market and most probably cause a further price crash.

Is this happening the first time in crypto?

No, swapping and forking are common events. The biggest example so far is the DAO hack. The Ethereum Foundation decided to vote and due to the result of that Ether was hardforked. Swapping can also happen due to many other reasons, such as migration from one chain to another. In an example, BNB is now migrating from ERC20 to Binance chain, Kim Tokens is swapping to Kim Chain. There is nothing to feel uncomfortable about the situation.

How will you get new CASHAA tokens (Only in event of SWAP)?

  1. The Swapping process will start on 18th June 2019 at
  2. CAS (existing tokens) will be sent to burn smart contracts.
  3. If your tokens are present at MEW/MetaMask/hardware wallet/Cashaa wallet/any decentralized wallet, you will receive 1 CASHAA for 1 CAS(1:1) at the same address through which you send your tokens to burn contract.
  4. If you have CAS locked for the Cashaa plan it will be unlocked after voting to send to the burn contract and new tokens will be locked on the same address, to not disturb your staking plan.
  5. If you have tokens at any centralized exchange, withdraw them to your Cashaa account and complete the KYC before sending the tokens to the burn contract.

Note: In case you are not able to withdraw your tokens nothing to worry about, we can credit an equal amount of new CASHAA tokens which is present at the exchange into your Cashaa wallet. However, you will not able to use these tokens for voting.

Please NOTE:

  1. You have to send only 0.1 CAS, do not send the complete CAS.
  2. Please withdraw your tokens from the exchange and move it to your Cashaa wallet or any on-chain wallet. Votes sent from an exchange address will not be counted. Update 7 June: We have informed all exchanges to re-enable withdrawals. Please follow our official Telegram group for the latest updates concerning withdrawals.

3. If you transfer your tokens to another address after voting your vote will be not counted.

What if less than the holders of 370 Million have voted?

In this case, we will also go forward with what the majority of the existing voters have voted for.

How long will the swap process take?

From 12th June on, we will enable a fee-free swap for at least 90 days, and then we will introduce a minor fee for latecomers.

What’s the current voting result?

For the latest status, see here.

Thanks to all who voted so far!

Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Cashaa November 2018 Wrap-Up!

Dear Cashaa Family,

Before heading off to another exciting month, we are glad to share the highlights about the events, products, community and more of November, which has been a big milestone for us!

CAS Token Updates

From 8 November on, we distributed our monthly PoS tokens: 7439 addresses that have been allocated a maximum PoS of 221,264,110.15 CAS based on a stake of 316,278,816.13 CAS have received their monthly installment of 31,154,173.4 CAS. Details can be found here.

Product/Partnership Updates

The crypto community now finally will get access to the necessary accounts for their businesses, after being continuously denied by traditional banks:

On 28 November we had our long-awaited launchAs the first stage, have launched our CMC (Cashaa Multisig Compliance) Wallet to send and receive cryptocurrencies and started to onboard business customers.

We have enabled pre-registration for our individual and business accounts, and started the staking periods for our various individual and business plans — get your CAS now on the various exchanges we are listed on, to ensure you get the right account features for your needs, whether you are running a token sale, ICO, STO, exchange, money service business, SME or any other business looking for an account to run your day-to-day business activities.

Please also visit our updated website for all the new details on our product and to check the new whitepaper which we published on this occasion as well!

Community Updates

In the run-up to our launch, our new QA Lead Nilesh on 26 November gave our community an overview over his role in Cashaa — to watch the video, click here.

In addition to the PoS tokens mentioned above, we also distributed 144,000 CAS that were awarded to the members of our Cashaa Knights bounty program, as well as 18,000 CAS that will be released to our community members of the month.

On 14 November, we announced five winners for our Cashaa Sticker Competition held from 7 October — 4 November, where we received more than 1000 stickers. Winners were awarded 17,500 CAS in total:

From 22–28 November, we gave a special Thanksgiving bonus for those who bought CAS tokens on our Cashaa OTC in this period. We offered 5% and 10% bonus on purchase of CAS tokens between 5,000–2,5000 and above 25,000 respectively. In total, 12,025.18 CAS were distributed as a bonus during Thanksgiving week.


On 15 November, Kumar Gaurav was invited as a special guest speaker at Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, where he gave a knowledgeable session about blockchain technology and further discussed our products:

From 26–27 November, our Co-Founder & VP Marketing Janina Lowisz represented us at Shift Money Conference as one of 9 finalists of the Shift Money Challenge held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Further, we announced on 27 November that Kumar will speak at the Fortune Asia 2018 Conference in Mumbai, 5 December: “The Future of Financial Infrastructure — Blockchain Remoulding Financial Services”. For more details see here.

Cashaa in the Media

16 Crypto Companies Among Top 100 Fintech Businesses. Meet them all!

Cashaa going Live on 28th November 2018 published in Marketwatch

Cashaa is Going Live on 28 November 2018: Business Insider

Cashaa is Going Live on 28 November 2018: Yahoo Finance

Additionally, last month’s pitch at BBVA Open Summit 2018 was published, watch here

Community Articles in November

We are thankful to the community for their amazing articles! Below are the few which we would like to share with all of you:

How Banking is secure on blockchain technology?

Fintech Industry is evolving and it’s happening at a pace you can’t even imagine

Does your Bank Account protect your funds against Bankruptcy?

Blockchain-based hybrid Banking-as-a-Service Platform

Decoding Remittance — Present and Future

Regulation, the Key to Success? Success is Cashaa!

Many thanks to all the community members for their love and support and looking forward to ongoing great articles and other initiatives!

Feel free to reach us at, and if you have any ideas for further improvement discuss in our Telegram group.

We are looking forward to reaching the next big steps together!

Team Cashaa

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Cashaa selected as Finalist at the Hard Fork Pitch Battle!

Dear Cashaa Family,

We are excited to inform you all that our Co-founder & VP Marketing, Janina Lowisz will be representing us at Hard Fork Decentralized, a 3-day conference taking place all over London from 12–14 December 2018.

Hard Fork Decentralized is organized by The Next Web, a tech media company that started in 2006 and whose sections include news, conferences, events, its own tech hub in Amsterdam as well as an intelligence platform.

So far, the conference expects 70 international speakers, 250 C-level decision-makers, 2,000 festival attendees and 1,000+ one-on-one B2B meetings.

This year it includes the Hard Fork Pitch Battle, to find the best 3 innovative blockchain startups amongst 10 finalists. So far, 6 finalists have been announced: Cashaa, MOBS, Marlin Protocol, Utrust, Deip.World and CloseCross.

The pitches will be presented on 12 December, 4.30 PM-6.30 PM.

Venue: Rise London, 41 Luke St, London EC2A 4DP

We are seeking the presence of our community members in London! Further, we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions over our existing and recently launched products and features.

For further details on the event, see here

For any queries and ideas, feel free to reach us at

For our full upcoming events calendar, please visit

Hold on for more exciting updates yet to come!

Team Cashaa,

One Global Account for Old and New Money

Cashaa at Unleash Blockchain Conference, Amsterdam!

Dear Cashaa Family,

We have another great conference to come this month! Co-founder & VP Marketing, Janina Lowisz will be speaking at Unleash Blockchain Conference being held on 10–11 December 2018 at Amsterdam.

Unleash Blockchain Conference 2018 is being organized by Global Executive Events, which is known for providing high-quality and informative summits for senior-level business professionals, covering current trends for industry-focused and management-related topics.

This year it will attract 20+ cross-industry leaders who will be assisting 100+ Senior Level Attendees to unveil the potential of blockchain-driven projects, covering varied topics like the role of blockchain in solving business problems, legal implications, contract management, regulatory and compliance challenges posed by blockchain.

Janina will present our success story on 11 December, 3.40pm.

Venue: De Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102, 1015 CV Amsterdam.

We are excited by the warm welcome we received in the past conferences from across the industry, and the numerous startups looking to use our services! Now we are looking forward to further spread the word and meet our community members in Amsterdam!

For further details on the event, see here

For any queries and ideas, feel free to reach us at

For our full upcoming events calendar, please visit

Stay tuned for more such exciting updates!

Team Cashaa,

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Know about 2019 Blockchain Trends with our Chief Product Officer Archit!

Meet Our Chief Product Officer, at StartAP on 19 January, 15.30–16.30h in Amravati

Dear Cashaa Family,

The first major event of 2019 is around the corner: , 18–19 January 2019!

Since 2014, StartAP has built a startup ecosystem including 800 entrepreneurs from 15 cities across the State of Andhra Pradesh who have been presenting their innovations to the world at the annual StartAP Fest, which this year expects over 1200 attendees, 15 pitches, 100 startups, 25 speakers, 50 innovations and 30 startup showcases.

Andhra Pradesh was the first State to implement blockchain technology in governance, starting with land records and vehicle registry, with an aim to apply it across all areas of administration. In 2016, it has launched  to build a world-class Fintech ecosystem including government, academia, corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs, where further uses of blockchain technology are being explored, to be rolled out eventually across the country.

We are proud to participate in StartAP with our Chief Product Officer, Archit Aggarwal, who will be joining an expert panel on new products and the trends of the blockchain industry in 2019.

Other confirmed panelists include Vijay Arisetty (Founder, myGate) and Prasad Kompalli (CEO & Co-Founder, MFine).

Day/Time: 19 January, 15.30–16.30h.

Venue: The event will kick off 18 January at Bhavani Island, and on the 2nd day will continue at Tummalapalli Kalakshetram, Bustand Rd, Two Town, Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 520002.

Register , we are looking forward to seeing you!

The Cashaa Team

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Meet Kumar in London discussing scalability of blockchain based platforms!

What better way to start the New Year than to meet our first, dear supporters who have been with us since the very beginning when we started in London!

All our old and new friends in London will have the chance to meet Kumarnext week Thursday, 24 January, 6.30–9.00pm GMT at the Trustless Ecosystems Meetup, where he will participate in a panel discussion on

“Scalability of blockchain-based platforms: What’s the challenge?”

The panel will be moderated by Laura Degiovanni (TiiQu), other panelists include Gary Nuttall (Distlytics), Piers Ridyard (Radix) and Alpesh Doshi (Fintricity).

Venue: RWS-20, Saint Thomas St, SE1 9RS London

If you’d like to join, register here — if you can’t make it, Kumar will be in London 24th — 30th January 2019 to finalize our next steps beyond the launch. If you want to meet him at this time, let us know at!

Looking forward to celebrating our achievements with a great evening together!

The Cashaa Team

Next Generation Banking Platform