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It has been a hell of a journey for the crypto industry, with 2017–2018 has been the year of ICOs, where projects with all kinds of ideas came and either disappeared or have not delivered anything. The market crashed more than 90% of its value and from a mark of 1 Trillion Market Cap, we started hoping to not go below 100 Billion. But despite all the challenges, some companies stuck to what they have, to build and change the face of the industry, not because of money, but because they believed that crypto is not just about the money. It is a revolution that is essential for the human race. Irrespective of the market situation, Cashaa takes pride in what we were doing for the community, and congrats all the tokens holders for being part of this roller coaster ride with us.

We started with the mission to bank the unbanked and found out that before taking the power of Bitcoin to the unbanked, we have a lot of work to do in banking those exceptional businesses who are working day and night to bring the change to the world.

We went live last month with our initial beta version where more than 300 businesses registered with us, hoping to get rid of their banking problems. We heard them, we learned from them and finally, we started our business accounts to empower businesses in the UK and around the world.

We also build the exceptional CMC wallet, which was a state of the art wallet to stick to the basic principle of the decentralization movement “Your Keys, Your Bitcoin”. Our CMC wallet became a classic example of how compliance can be managed even with decentralized applications.

Many of you have been following our steps over the past years and have made their contributions, be it through making suggestions to the team, reaching out to exchanges and other possible partners, helping other community members, and spreading the word everywhere — now is your chance to shine even more!

We are growing our wonderful team of 20 product and technical experts in Mumbai with new talents!

Join our internship program and take part in leading us from

Cashaa 1.0 to Cashaa 2.0”!

What does that mean?

Now that the platform will be launched, we are looking to increase our expertise in technology, operations, compliance, and financial areas. As our intern, you’ll have the opportunity to make your impact in one of the fastest-growing Fintech companies today.

You’ll work in our Mumbai office directly with our Founder & CEO Kumar Gaurav, our Co-Founder & VP Technology Amjad Raza Khan as well as with our Chief Product Officer Archit Aggarwal, and many great people who are looking forward to welcoming you. On the business development and marketing side, you’ll also be working with our Co-Founder & VP Marketing Janina Lowisz.

Have you built awesome products in the past and know what it takes for Cashaa to reach the top? Have you managed the balancing act between staying at the forefront of innovation while at the same time making sure all adheres to the highest compliance standards?

Send us your application now to hello@cashaa.com — Although we hate to have minimum criteria for talents, for the compliance and finance department, a minimum of 10+ years of experience is compulsory, while for technology, min. 3+ years of coding practice is important.

You do not have to leave your current job, you will be working on part-time and weekends until you are impressed with our team’s mission and way to change the world.

Internship/Job positions include:

  1. Financial Crime Expert

We are sure many of you also have a big network of contacts that would be excited to join — feel free to share these opportunities with anyone you can think of for these positions!

Looking forward to becoming the leading crypto challenger bank together!

Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Community AMAs 2 June— All you need to know about our achievements in May!

Thanks to all who joined our monthly Community AMAs yesterday, for all who couldn’t make it, here’s all the very latest. May has been a month full of new contacts in all relevant areas, which we can’t wait to share with you!

Product Development

Our business accounts are continuing to attract a huge number of businesses, so far 362 have registered since we launched on 8 April 2019, of which 17 got approved, 16 are being processed and 19 got rejected so far. We are working on hiring and training new staff to achieve more onboarding.

Concerning personal accounts, we are in time from a technical, compliance and regulatory perspective, with the roadmap having preponed the launch from Q1 2020 to Q3 2019. The earliest beta accounts will be given to the community in July 2019.

Operational Development

Concerning customer support, we currently have a turnaround time of 6–24 hours. In some cases, it may be higher, and we did not have availability on weekends so far. To solve both these issues, we are also hiring and training more team members for support.

Thanks to our customers for their kind feedback which helps us enhance both these areas, which are very important to enable us to capture our leads, which currently are running more ahead.

Marketing & Sales

Our last month was a full success, with 2 major conferences, Consensus 2019 and Malta Blockchain Summit:

At Consensus, we got over 70 new customer signups and over 30 new partners for sales, white-labeling, product enhancement, and investment. More than what we expected, this includes 2 major white-labeling partners that have over 3 million users, as well as 4 strategic banking partnerships with leading industry foundations for direct customer onboarding.

Most notably, in Consensus, we realized if we are able to onboard US customers, we can double our growth rate and token utility, which we are now working very aggressively on, aiming to enable it in this quarter.

At Malta Blockchain Summit, similarly, we got huge interest from many businesses of the industry, especially from ICO companies who are looking to white label our solution for their community. On the white labeling side, it can take time to enable that, but it is a huge business opportunity to get millions of customers, and we are working on deciding the date to enable that. Overall, in Malta, we were able to attract over 40 customers and 15 partners.

Online Marketing

Concerning Marketing, we have done a fixed banner ad in Coinmarketcap, where you pay for 24 hours and see results. We have run them on Tuesdays/Wednesdays to stress test our system and see e.g. how many and which kinds of leads are coming from which country. The results include many individual users compared to business users, however, it also brought business use cases, and most important were the test results for our team to make enhancements. Now on 23rd/24th June, the ad will run for 48 hours to see how the system is behaving, how the response is, and the ads will be more focused on how our token is helping businesses and banking the crypto community.

Other than that, we are also planning CPM adsGoogle and social media ads focused on product and banking will start in July.

Referral Marketing (Business Customers) for Individuals

We would like to leverage our great community by introducing referral programs. If you as an individual bring business customers, you get our banking services including a MasterCard early at no cost, in July (while regular accounts will start in September), if you are a resident of Europe/UK. Outside Europe, not all features may be available yet, however, it will include already the overall banking service including IBAN and UK current account as well as interest on deposits, which we are now working on with partners to make it live in July. One business customer is enough for one individual to get you the banking services.

What if you bring more businesses? With every successful business, you get 150 USD in your Cashaa account which you can spend through your MasterCard, or which you can get in your existing bank account.

Additionally, you will also get updated to a higher plan with fewer CAS tokens required.

Please note, to participate in our referral program, you need to hold a stake of 50,000 CAS.

Detailed instructions on this program will be issued on 10th June.

Referral Marketing (Business Customers) for Businesses

We are looking for complementary businesses to become our partners, such as accounting and law firms that are helping businesses set up in innovation-friendly jurisdictions that attract crypto businesses and other relevant industries. These firms will act as our local representatives and will assist their clients in opening an account with us.

As our partner law/accounting firm, for every successful business onboarding, you get 500 USD. To participate in this program, a minimum stake of 100,000 CAS is required. More information will be given on 12th June.

CAS Token Updates

The reasons to halt the CAS token trading, as well as the CMC listing, include giving the team time to act, preventing the impact the price from stolen tokens, as well as to demotivate bad actors in general.

CMC can be used by scammers to show the CMC rank in an OTC deal, therefore it was important to halt that as well.

Concerning a token swap, the decision is not final yet, we are working with the relevant teams to evaluate the feasibility.

A swap will only happen with a community vote. Stolen funds will be shared with the community, to show its strength and unity. (Details will be given in a sperate ANN)

Please always remember the importance of keeping your tokens safe, no matter the amount you hold, whether 1 CAS or 100 Million CAS.

Lastly, we would like to remember you to join our official Telegram group to always stay up to date: https://t.me/cashaanews

To see the AMA presentation, click here. As always, thank you for your great support!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Celebrate Cashaa’s 3-year birthday at London Tech Week!

Cashaa is having its 3rd birthday this month, which better way to celebrate than in London, where we started! Meet us and celebrate all past successes and a promising future at London Tech Week, 9–16 June 2019!

London Tech Week is the UK’s annual flagship event in partnership with the UK Government and supported by the Mayor of London, showcasing its role as a leading worldwide cutting-edge tech hub and one of the world’s most open and welcoming markets, connecting international communities.

Tech Week always consists of numerous events throughout London many of which are highly relevant for Cashaa, and where we want to continue our streak of new customer and partner signups started in Consensus and Malta Blockchain Summit.

This year, we are looking forward to an especially outstanding edition, as for the first time, we have been invited to speak on even 3 occasions!

Monday 10 June, 1–1.45pm BST, make sure you join us at the China-UK HI Tech Festival — Tech for all, organized by Somerco and Cocoon Global, where Cashaa will participate in a panel on Mass Adoption of Fintech, moderated by Eric Van Der Kleij, CEO of Frontier network & Chairman of Keybox.

Venue: Cocoon, 4 Christopher Street, EC2A 2BS London

>>>>>You can get your ticket here with the discount code ‘cashaa’.

We have two more events on Wednesday, 12 June!

First, 9.50–10.10am, Janina will present Cashaa as a successful business case study at a blockchain workshop for the Industrial Bank of Korea, organized by Tech Italia Lab London.

Venue: Runway East Moorgate, 10 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AF

Then, you can meet us at UK-India Tech Day, which is one of our highlights this week, and which also puts Cashaa’s achievements in the focus by giving Janina a speaking slot on “Building a ‘crypto-first’ Bank”, 4.15–4.45pm.

Venue: Jumeirah Carlton Tower, 1 Cadogan Pl, Belgravia, London SW1X 9PY

Please remember that Kumar has also been nominated for the Blockchain Innovator Award, to be given at Blockchain for Business Summit on 13 June, a London Tech Week event in partnership with the UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy:

Click here for a vote for him

This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of an individual who has implemented blockchain technology in business in the most innovative way, and rewards this achievement with exposure to an audience of millions!

You can contribute to crowning our London Tech Week in the best possible way, by helping Kumar win — VOTE HERE and spread the word! You’ll get a discount code for a 200 GBP on the Blockchain for Business Summit ticket, as well as a free TechXLR8 Expo pass after completing your vote!

The voting deadline is on 07 June 2019, so please hurry up!
The winner will be announced on 13 June 2019 
at the ExCeL conference center in London.

Other than that, there are plenty of networking opportunities, see here for all other events that form part of #LTW and contact janina@cashaa.com if you want to meet between 9–16 June 2019 outside the above-mentioned events.

Time flies, we almost can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Looking forward to a great time in London with all our old friends who supported us along the way, as well as with new fruitful contacts!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Did your CAS get stolen in past? Don’t worry, we got your back!

As you know, we proposed a CAS token swap and now our CAS swap voting is in full swing.

In the past days, we received multiple requests from community members, reminding us of their past incidents in which their tokens were hacked, asking whether we can also take any action concerning these tokens.

As always, our community comes first, and we now additionally will take care of your cases to the extent that we can, even if they happened already some time in the past:

To this end, we are now enabling you to report any incidents in which your CAS got stolen. To access the reporting form, click here.

If we encounter any activity where such tokens are coming for a swap, the sender will be asked to proof the source of tokens and such cases will be taken seriously. We will investigate the case and tokens linked to your reports and try to recover your CAS.

If your CAS got stolen, this is your chance. Also please forward this information to anyone in the community you know to whom the same happened.

Please note: We will not be able to do anything if the hacker already sold the stolen CAS to an exchange and any buyer has made the purchase from the exchange. We always advise if you find that your tokens are being sold at exchange to reach the exchange’s legal department directly to investigate and catch the depositor.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Bring Business Contacts on board and get your free account with 150 GBP

The last few weeks have been very exciting for us, we not only solved the biggest problem which all the businesses worldwide had with cryptos. We are going to launch the personal accounts with banking features in a few months, but before starting its subscription, we decided to give a few personal accounts already NOW to community members who are spreading the message of Cashaa to businesses who need help!

We can absolutely understand that you don’t want to wait longer for our business features to also come to your personal account. Therefore we decided to issue personal accounts with Mastercardfor everyone referring us to a business!

Onboard only one business customer for a Standard or an Advance account and get your personal account with banking features with Mastercard NOW, AT ZERO FEE, while everyone else has to wait for the official launch.

This account opening is subject to AML/KYC verification.

One business customer is enough for one individual to get crypto-friendly banking services.

How will it work?

  1. You have to make an email introduction to the business contacts at archit@cashaa.com.
  2. Once your referred business onboarded successfully we will send you an activation code on your email.
  3. Pass the activation code to the helpdesk from your Cashaa account to start your account activation process.


  1. From 1st September on, you’ll find your referral code in your account, to share with any business in your network. (Min 5000 CAS balance is required to participate in the program.)

You’ll be able to track the status of your referrals (pending/ invitation accepted/ KYC in process/ onboarded) in your account.

For 1 Business customer onboarded — Free Cashaa personal account with UK banking feature and Mastercard.

For every consecutive business, you will receive a 150 GBP bonus in your Cashaa account which you can spend through your Mastercard. There is no limit on how many businesses you can refer to us.

For the 1st account: You get the Personal account with UK current account

For the next 4: 150 GBP x 4 = 600 GBP in your bank account and upgraded to Smart Value without any stake.

Ex: You referred 5 businesses.

For the 1st account: You get the Personal account with UK current account.

For the next 4: 150 GBP x 4 = 600 GBP in your account 

This is your chance to help us grow and use the services much before they are launched to the public, and help your business friends get the account they need to grow their business.

Let’s bank our own community together!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Referral Programme for Businesses — Partner with us and bank your Clients!

To know about our referral program for individuals click here.

As our product is maturing we are looking to expand into the numerous innovation hubs around the world, as part of the initiative we have launched the referral program for businesses.

At the recent Malta Blockchain Summit, the largest part of exhibiting businesses included law, accounting, or other providers of various corporate services, looking to attract businesses to their cities. We received huge interest from these firms to partner with us, to bank their clients who are currently struggling to get an account or frustrated with traditional banks.

If you are a complementary business, such as a law/ accounting/ incubators/ accelerators/ coworking spaces/ fundraising platform, helping businesses to grow, come to join our growing banking network!

As our business partner, you would act as our representative in your cities and would be able to help these companies solve their biggest challenge of getting banked. You just have to recommend us to your clients, answer their questions, and help them get on-boarded. For every successfully onboarded business, you would get a referral fee of 500 USD.

We will also sponsor co-branded events and meetups to bring more businesses to come and work with us together in your city to grow your client list, moreover, you can also get the advantage of the global client base and brand which Cashaa is building around the world.

So far, we have received partnership requests from Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Bermuda, Barbados, Mumbai, Hongkong, Paris, Vancouver, and San Francisco, and are in the process to formalize them. We are looking forward to working together and have a greater Cashaa presence in all places that matter in crypto.

Of course, these are just some example places — we are open for businesses anywhere, and if you want to become a partner firm in any city in the world, we would like to hear from you!

Lets together to bank the unbanked communities.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform