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How do I start with Cashaa?
For those who use both crypto and traditional currencies, Cashaa is the ultimate solution for financial freedom. Use it in your daily finances - send and receive money from anyone around the world, buy and sell crypto, convert into USD, GBP or EUR, and spend in millions of locations - all in one account. Your funds can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It is fast, it is safe, it is all you need. Cashaa accounts are completely cloud-based, which means everything from account registration to card order can be done online. If you are here, you are ready for all the opportunities Cashaa can offer. Let's start with some basic things: Start using your account. Add some funds into your Cashaa wallet/account. To add funds to your account, you can navigate to the Receive tab in the web app to add some crypto or fiat to your Cashaa account. You have to pre-register for a particular plan to get the required account limit. You can check out our plans here. Safe and sound. Ensure your Cashaa account security. Enable two-factor authentication for improved security to protect your funds. Spread the word. Recommend Cashaa to your friends. We think Cashaa is awesome. If you think so too, would you like your friends to benefit from it while getting additional income for yourself? See how you can by participating in our Refer-a-Friend programme (plans link). Not sure how to do something, or wish to share an idea? Check out our FAQ, or contact our ever-helpful Cashaa support team.
Why Cashaa?
Cashaa is a one-stop solution to store old money and new money. With exclusive feature to convert your crypto assets to fiat and vicewersa, Cashaa adds value to your total asset portfolio by enabling financial freedom to everyone who onboards. Cashaa is a pioneer in providing multiple IBANS to users based upon their requirement, making international money transfer instantaneous. Features of International money transfer, multi-crypto exchanging, crypto-fiat conversions, all under one platform makes Cashaa a pioneer in using blockchain as a hybrid financial service. Further, with added securities and 100% fund protection schemes, Cashaa is the most trusted fintech company providing hybrid fintech services. Simply, the unbanked crypto industry can be made feasible to all services provided by conventional banking system through Cashaa. If you want to use new money like the conventional old money, log onto and get an account immediately.
Tell me something about Cashaa Exchange?
Digital convertibility is one of the major challenges which the crypto industry is facing when it comes to, the system is broken and need to pass through other intermediaries. Cashaa Exchange will allow our user to convert digital assets directly from their accounts.
How are my funds secured 100%?
As a transparent Fin-tech company we decided to go with a 100% fund protection scheme with European Central Institutions. In our case, 100% users funds are deposited in a segregated account with Bank of England with no access to Cashaa to use, lend, invest your money or risk in any form.
I am planning to launch an ICO/STO. Which account plan should I opt for?
The recommended plan is Premier but you should opt for the Advance plan based on your requirement for higher account limit & number of transactions. Please click here for details.
How to generate a crypto address in CAS wallet BTC/ETH
To view pdf click here