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Thanks to all who joined us last Sunday for our third weekly AMA session.

After our last AMAs about our CMC wallet and exchange, we wanted to share with you how these can be used by you. At our recent Blockchain Summit India, we got many requests from businesses who want to use these already.

We will have 2 APIs available for entrepreneurs who want to build their business with Cashaa:

1) Wallet related APIs

We provide APIs for the following: Generate an address for a particular currency, get details of all transactions for a particular address, send cryptocurrency to a destination address, and retrieve the balance for a particular address. With these capabilities, you can build your own wallet and be sure of compliance and security requirements being fulfilled.

Over time, we are working also on how to enable different wallets to use our compliance API. More details on this will come in the next session.

2) Trading related APIs

With our trading related APIs, you can add buy orders and sell orders at market rate on the exchange, receive the history of all your trading activities on your account, and fetch the exchange rate in GBP/EUR for a particular cryptocurrency.

To know more about the advantages of our wallet and exchange, you can check our articles and presentations about them (here and here).

With our white-label APIs to access regulated finance, you will have a solid foundation including years of compliance experience. Our entrepreneurs can bring their great ideas to reality, without having to build everything from scratch.

Another great advantage, especially for new companies, is the access to liquidity for fair rates, aggregated from leading exchanges and OTC desks. Many new exchanges keep coming up but are lacking liquidity, or real-time pricing, whereas we are solving both.

On the compliance side, it not only includes KYC but ongoing checking and monitoring of all transactions.

As the next step, we will add payment processing from debit and credit cards. Many companies are lacking this capability, and existing providers are expensive, around 5–10%, and are requiring users to use their liquidity providers. We are inviting you to check our pricing yourself, making us of the 10 EUR/GBP given by us as credit. Accepting card payments will be especially attractive for token sales, which we are accepting as well.

After having received many requests, we will also add the Wallet APIs and Trading APIs for LTC, XRP and BCH.

To access the recording of this session, click here, and for the presentation, see here.

We are looking forward to our 4th and last AMA session about IBAN accounts on Sunday, 3 March!

We would like to announce that after the end of the weekly AMAs introducing our products, we will continue with monthly AMAs, each on the first Sunday of every month, 3.30pm GMT!

Team Cashaa

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