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Product/Partnership Updates

This month, we have launched our exchange capability, enabling you to exchange fiat and crypto in your CMC wallet. The Cashaa Exchange solves the convertibility, liquidity and security problems that many existing exchanges have. We give you the best price from various exchanges, without requiring you to have an account there.

For more information, see here.

We held weekly AMAs about our new products including CMC walletCMC exchangeCashaa APIs and UK current accounts, each session followed by a Q&A.

Thanks for everyone who joined, we hope it helped your understanding so you can now go and make the best use of our products for yourself, and spread the word to any business you know.

We are looking forward to our next AMA session, which from now will be held monthly, Sunday 9 April 2019, 3.30 pm GMT.


We were honored to be selected Fintech Partner at BSI 2019, the first event of its kind in India, as part of the Blockchain2030 Initiative supported by the Government, to transform India with blockchain technology by 2030.

The Summit attracted over 2300 guests and 80 speakers including Shri Suresh Prabhu (Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry, Government of India), directors of leading universities, over 50 VCs and crypto funds, and blockchain experts including from leading corporations who presented their activities in India.

Right after the Summit, 22–23rd February, the Supreme Court of India on 25th February gave a 4-weeks deadline to the Government to come up with a cryptocurrency regulation, the impacts of which will be immense for the space worldwide.

It was one of the most outstanding events in Cashaa’s history, and we are looking forward to help making it even bigger in the years to come.

To read more, see here.

The following week, our CTO and CPO represented Cashaa at another major conference, FintegrateZone, Mumbai:

Cashaa in the Media

We are proud to have received an 8/10 rating by renowned author Nik Patel (“An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook”), who thanks to a great initiative by our community, created an in-depth, 4000-word report on numerous aspects of Cashaa, see here.

Please like and share the report here to get the word out as much as possible!

At Blockchain Summit India, Kumar got interviewed by Brand India Magazine for their podcast, you can listen to the episode here.

Together with Blockchain Summit India, Cashaa also got featured in the following articles:

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We thank you all for your support and are looking forward to the immense opportunities we’ll have together, which the coming weeks and months in India can bring!

Team Cashaa

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