Meet our Chief Product Officer Archit at Blockchain Eventon, 5 February!

Dear Cashaa Family,

Remember how last December, the year 2018 was crowned with the CIO Award for Kumar at the Fortune Asia Conference? This conference is now back with its 2019 edition:

Blockchain Eventon — An event on Blockchain, AI & Future Tech, 5–6 February 2019!

Blockchain Eventon is a series of conferences in India and Dubai, focusing on the impact of blockchain and other new technologies on a variety of sectors, including legal, retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more.

This time, our Chief Product Officer Archit Aggarwal will deliver a keynote speech on

“How is Fintech impacting India?”

If you’re in Delhi, make sure to join at 10:50–11:00 am IST at The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences, Gurugram, Delhi!

Other speakers include fellow blockchain experts Sunny Kumar (Chief Operating Officer, Auxesis Group), who will participate in a panel on how blockchain technology will change the way we do business; as well as Dr Evan Singh Luthra (Founder, El Group International) and numerous business and legal experts from all over the world.

For the detailed agenda, visit here.

If you want to join us, register here, or contact to get a ticket.

See you soon in Delhi!

Team Cashaa

The Next Generation Banking Platform

See how we started in the new Year! January 2019 Wrap-Up!

Dear Cashaa Family,

The first month of the new year is already over! After launching the first part of our wallet, we are now getting close to launching the second part and reaching our next milestone!

Exciting times, see what we’ve been up to in January!

Product & Partnership Updates

We have now surpassed 2000 users, businesses and individuals, who have opened a CMC wallet since we launched 2 months ago!

We have had further meetings with our partners in London to finalise our cards programme, add further partners, as well as to schedule the launch of our IBAN accounts, about which we’ll provide further details later this month in our weekly AMAs, where we’re explaining all you need to know on our products including CMC wallet, Cashaa Exchange, Cashaa API as well as IBAN account.

For more details what to expect from each session and how to join, check here; to see our promotional video, click here.

More updates coming on our new website, which is scheduled to be launched on 14 February. Meanwhile, make sure you have checked out our presentation and whitepaper.

On the exchange side, we are working on a new exchange partner to list CAS, stay tuned! For our current list of exchanges, see here.


Our team was invited to present at 3 events this month, starting with our Co-Founder & VP Marketing, Janina, who participated in the MKB Fintech Challenge selection camp, 9–11 January, Budapest, where she presented how Hungary’s leading Digital Bank can benefit of Cashaa.

Among 20 participants of the selection camp, Cashaa was selected for the MKB Fintechlab Programme starting in March 2019. While at first, the offer was connected to an investment, we are now able to decide separately on this, while in any case being invited to the program. We are awaiting further details, before deciding on posting a team member for 12 weeks to Budapest.

Our 19 January, our Chief Product Officer presented an outlook on 2019 blockchain trends at the StartAP festival, a major conference in the State of Andhra Pradesh which has taken an early lead in implementing blockchain technology and building a well-known community in its Fintech Valley Vizag.

Eventually, on 24th, Kumar was invited to speak on scalability at the Trustless Ecosystems event in London, see here. It was great to catch up with our London community and present them where we are!

Community Updates

We have updated our knights program, which now includes rewards for approved articles inside or outside Cashaa Medium — 6,000 CAS were rewarded for articles overall, the 2 articles of the month including:

The balancing act of a crypto startup and An ever-decreasing supply

Make sure you check them out!

Additionally, for January’s community members of the month, we rewarded 18,000 CAS.

As always, a big thanks to all, keep up the good work!

We are looking forward to what February has in store and to an ongoing great journey together! Thanks again to all for your ideas and valuable input in various areas!

Team Cashaa

The Next Generation Banking Platform

The Future of Financial Services — Meet Archit Aggarwal speaking at Blockchain Summit Mumbai!

Dear Friends,

Another great event is coming up, this time in Mumbai!

14 February, you`ll have the chance to meet our Chief Product Officer Archit Aggarwal at Blockchain Summit Mumbai!

Unicom’s Blockchain Summit Mumbai is a power-packed day with a range of professional expert speakers and over 100 delegates from Finance, regulation, industry, computer science and more, to discuss the numerous applications of blockchain technology.

Archit will give a keynote speech on The Future of Financial Infrastructure — Blockchain remolding Financial Services.

Time: 14 February, 2:00–2:45 pm IST

Venue: Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

If you are interested, make sure you register here.

Looking forward to an inspiring day with fellow blockchain experts and our community!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Cashaa’s CMC wallet — all you need to know from our first AMA session!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s AMA with Kumar! Our first session was focused on our main product, our CMC wallet.

For all those who couldn’t attend, here’s what it all was about — you can also access the presentation HERE.

Cashaa`s Multisig Compliance Wallet

Just in the past days, an exchange’s user funds worth 190 Million USD became inaccessible after the exchange owner died who was the only one with the keys. We saw once more one of the problems with exchanges: centralized systems. If exchanges keep your coins, they are at risk.

This is what the Cashaa Multisig Compliance wallet is solving. We are focused on 2 parameters, centralized compliance, and decentralization for security.

For compliance, we have a compliant server that keeps the record of crypto transactions and which kind of transactions they are. For example, if you have to do with an address linked to any illegal or suspicious activity, you will know that. For every transfer to an external address, Cashaa gives a real-time grade, which is calculated based on the risk indicators.

We have many sophisticated rules, e.g. if a person is claiming to have only an average salary, and suddenly is moving high amounts of Bitcoin, it will be checked by our compliance team.

Concerning security, We have a 3-key multisig architecture, which removes centralization and removes the risk of inaccessibility if you lose your private key, and so provides safe and secure storage for all your digital assets.

Furthermore, we will add data oracles for a compliance and fraud feed, which is in ongoing continuous development.

Eventually, we looked at the different account features and CAS requirements:

More updates coming soon on 14th February on the Website, also make sure you join us in the coming AMAs to learn all you need to know about our other products!
See HERE for all the details.

The second half of the session was for you and your questions, which came from a variety of areas:

1. When will we launch crypto-backed lending?

We do not see this in our immediate roadmap, due to the market situation. However, we clearly see that it needs to come sometime and we’ll look at including it at a much later stage.

2. More details about the 100 % fund protection, what does it mean?

If an exchange goes bankrupt or gets hacked, your funds are lost. If you see Cashaa’s architecture, Cashaa never has any control over the funds due to the multisig structure. Cashaa can never do anything which is not asked by the user itself. This is the advantage of the decentralization movement.

If you put your money in a bank or any financial institution, they only have the responsibility to keep 2%, for the rest they can do whatever they want, including playing with it. Cashaa is not using any user funds, crypto of fiat, for anything, our revenue generation is completely different. User funds will be in a segregated account by the Bank of England. This makes Cashaa clearly different compared to traditional banks.

3. Are you thinking of using QR code for payments?

Yes, we will talk about this in the API session, how different businesses can include this, and start accepting payments in crypto and get instant access to 200 different currencies including INR in their bank account.

4. Given that regulation changes, how does Cashaa keep up?

This was a very good question, which is our continuous task, not only building something but continuously watching and keeping up with different regulators. If you look at the past 5 years, all their requirements make sense and are required anyway, such as consumer protection, security and not relying on any centralized system. Any system with its fundamental design based on these points is sustainable, will not see disruption and can just be complemented with new policies and frameworks getting added to make it more mature.

5. If the government blocks Cashaa, are my funds still accessible?

We will release the algorithm used to encrypt the private key given to users and you can withdraw your funds yourself.

6. More details about CAS utility?

In this session, it was clear that CAS is to get the membership. We will talk more about the utility in the next session, about where you can use CAS tokens in the fee. Some of the activities today when paying USD, will be replaced with CAS including huge discounts.

7. There was news about a partnership with a leading wallet in India?

Any partnership in India has been put on hold, as long as cryptocurrency regulations in India are not clear.

We hope your questions got answered, and are looking forward to seeing you again next session!
For any feedback, contact

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Cashaa driving Indian crypto regulation gets free entry for its community members at BSI 2019!

Blockchain Summit India is approaching fast, only 8 days to go!

We are looking forward to an incredible agenda packed with all the relevant Government Ministers, as well as the greatest experts from the blockchain space, global corporations and leading academia! Everyone is coming together with the goal to open cryptocurrency for 1.2 Billion people! Very exciting times for all of us here at Cashaa, especially as we have been selected as the Summit’s Fintech Partner!

One of the highlights will be the launch of the Auxledger public network, our partner, who has already onboarded over 60 Million identities, as the Government’s trusted partner in the space.

Most importantly, this event is also about YOU, our community, and as a thank you for being our earliest users we invite you to become our VIPs!

With our free VIP ticket for Cashaa plan holders, you’ll get access to the full program which lets you benefit most from the Summit!

Here’s how: Opt for a plan in your Cashaa account now, deposit the required CAS, then raise a ticket in your account to get the access code for your VIP ticket!

If you tell your friends and family about the Summit, we’ll have another present in store — everyone buying a ticket with CAS from their Cashaa wallet will get 50 % off!

To receive this discount, raise a ticket in your Cashaa account and get the access code.

Please note: Everyone buying with CAS needs an active Cashaa wallet with CAS.

Anyone buying through credit/debit card will get 20% off with the discount code:


Use CAS to your advantage, so hurry up and buy some to get a higher discount!

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Delhi, great times ahead!

Team Cashaa

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Learn all about the Cashaa Exchange

Learn all about the Cashaa Exchange coming on 20 February!

Dear Cashaa Family,

If you joined our last AMA, you heard it already, now we announce it for all:

Our CMC Exchange will go LIVE on 20 February!

Which problems are we solving?

As you know, any centralized exchange can be hacked, seized or the access can get lost.

If you don’t hold the private key, you do not hold the coins or tokens, and anything can happen to them. Decentralized exchanges could be the future, but they do not have enough liquidity yet.

Another problem is convertibility, buying cryptocurrency with fiat. There are some good local exchanges, but the major ones like Binance, Huobi, and OkEX only deal with cryptocurrency.

Cashaa solves both.

With us, you can’t lose control of your digital tokens. We built a system where you always have the ownership without any central institution that can act without your permission.

The CMC wallet gives you to hold your tokens in a multi-sig. On top of that, we have built the Cashaa exchange engine. Like our wallet, our exchange is centralized in compliance and decentralized concerning security and funds management.

How does it work?

If you want to buy Bitcoin, you’ll get the best possible price from different centralized exchanges, different OTC pools as well as the Cashaa order book. When you confirm the price, in the same moment money from your Cashaa account gets deducted and you get the Bitcoin credited.

In this way, we solve the liquidity issue, give you a better price and you don’t need to have accounts with all these exchanges.

How to sell? You see the price, and the moment you say you want to sell, Cashaa asks for your private key, as Cashaa does not have the authority to take Bitcoin from your wallet. To make the process simple, we send the encrypted private key to your system, you enter your password to decrypt it, the Bitcoin gets signed, it goes to the centralized system, and you get your fiat back to your wallet.

Each time you transact through your wallet, buying or selling, and if anything happens to any intermediary, you are not at risk to lose either Bitcoin or fiat. All assets are always under your control.

Furthermore, our users get the following features:

  • Bank transfers from over 150 currencies

What’s next?

We’ll include the following cryptocurrencies in the coming months:

  • BSV, BCH, XRP (March)

In June, our mobile version will follow!

To see the presentation, click here.

Looking forward to our next session together — we hope you enjoyed it so far, see you soon!!

Team Cashaa

The Next Generation Banking Platform