Cashaa driving Indian crypto regulation gets free entry for its community members at BSI 2019!

Blockchain Summit India is approaching fast, only 8 days to go!

We are looking forward to an incredible agenda packed with all the relevant Government Ministers, as well as the greatest experts from the blockchain space, global corporations and leading academia! Everyone is coming together with the goal to open cryptocurrency for 1.2 Billion people! Very exciting times for all of us here at Cashaa, especially as we have been selected as the Summit’s Fintech Partner!

One of the highlights will be the launch of the Auxledger public network, our partner, who has already onboarded over 60 Million identities, as the Government’s trusted partner in the space.

Most importantly, this event is also about YOU, our community, and as a thank you for being our earliest users we invite you to become our VIPs!

With our free VIP ticket for Cashaa plan holders, you’ll get access to the full program which lets you benefit most from the Summit!

Here’s how: Opt for a plan in your Cashaa account now, deposit the required CAS, then raise a ticket in your account to get the access code for your VIP ticket!

If you tell your friends and family about the Summit, we’ll have another present in store — everyone buying a ticket with CAS from their Cashaa wallet will get 50 % off!

To receive this discount, raise a ticket in your Cashaa account and get the access code.

Please note: Everyone buying with CAS needs an active Cashaa wallet with CAS.

Anyone buying through credit/debit card will get 20% off with the discount code:


Use CAS to your advantage, so hurry up and buy some to get a higher discount!

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Delhi, great times ahead!

Team Cashaa

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Learn all about the Cashaa Exchange

Learn all about the Cashaa Exchange coming on 20 February!

Dear Cashaa Family,

If you joined our last AMA, you heard it already, now we announce it for all:

Our CMC Exchange will go LIVE on 20 February!

Which problems are we solving?

As you know, any centralized exchange can be hacked, seized or the access can get lost.

If you don’t hold the private key, you do not hold the coins or tokens, and anything can happen to them. Decentralized exchanges could be the future, but they do not have enough liquidity yet.

Another problem is convertibility, buying cryptocurrency with fiat. There are some good local exchanges, but the major ones like Binance, Huobi, and OkEX only deal with cryptocurrency.

Cashaa solves both.

With us, you can’t lose control of your digital tokens. We built a system where you always have the ownership without any central institution that can act without your permission.

The CMC wallet gives you to hold your tokens in a multi-sig. On top of that, we have built the Cashaa exchange engine. Like our wallet, our exchange is centralized in compliance and decentralized concerning security and funds management.

How does it work?

If you want to buy Bitcoin, you’ll get the best possible price from different centralized exchanges, different OTC pools as well as the Cashaa order book. When you confirm the price, in the same moment money from your Cashaa account gets deducted and you get the Bitcoin credited.

In this way, we solve the liquidity issue, give you a better price and you don’t need to have accounts with all these exchanges.

How to sell? You see the price, and the moment you say you want to sell, Cashaa asks for your private key, as Cashaa does not have the authority to take Bitcoin from your wallet. To make the process simple, we send the encrypted private key to your system, you enter your password to decrypt it, the Bitcoin gets signed, it goes to the centralized system, and you get your fiat back to your wallet.

Each time you transact through your wallet, buying or selling, and if anything happens to any intermediary, you are not at risk to lose either Bitcoin or fiat. All assets are always under your control.

Furthermore, our users get the following features:

  • Bank transfers from over 150 currencies

What’s next?

We’ll include the following cryptocurrencies in the coming months:

  • BSV, BCH, XRP (March)

In June, our mobile version will follow!

To see the presentation, click here.

Looking forward to our next session together — we hope you enjoyed it so far, see you soon!!

Team Cashaa

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Blockchain Summit concludes at IIM-L, support received from Government to Make India Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Summit India was an immense success for us, we are excited to share the insights with you!

As most of you know, cryptocurrency regulation in India is one of the most-discussed topics in the space these days, since the Supreme Court on 25 February gave a 4-week deadline to come up with a cryptocurrency regulation. What makes this even more noteworthy for us, is that this milestone decision came right after our highly successful Blockchain Summit India, 22–23 February.

The opportunities that come with opening cryptocurrency in what is now only 3 weeks away can only be estimated. We already noticed a massive spike in requests from all over the world, of entrepreneurs and existing businesses who want to access this new market.

Businesses worldwide, look no further, Cashaa has all you need. We are your gateway to 1.2 Billion people.

Now let’s look at Blockchain Summit India in more detail.

Blockchain Summit India 2019, the first edition of the Vision Blockchain 2030 initiative, was held at IIM Lucknow Noida Campus on 22–23 Feb 2019. The summit inaugurated with a welcome messages by Shri Suresh Prabhu (Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry, Government of India), Mr. Sanjay Kumar (Chief General Manager, HPCL), Mr. Nitin Seth (CEO, Incendo Inc. & Ex-COO Flipkart), Prof. Akbar Ansari (IIM Lucknow EIC) and Kumar Gaurav (Founder & CEO, Cashaa; Chairman, Auxesis Group).

Shri Suresh Prabhu welcomed the ideas presented in the summit and mentioned that the technology offers great opportunity to think differently and bring in strategic ideas which the Government is looking forward to implementing.

The summit has been supported by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and State Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Kumar Gaurav had opened the summit on 22 February with a keynote speech on “India redesigning a system of trust for the survival of the human race”, followed by an opening ceremony. You can watch the speech here.

The following day, Kumar moderated a panel on alternative equity investment providing new high return opportunities for Indians around the world, with representatives from Plutus VC, NeonVest, Bluford Capital and Smart Valor participating in the discussion.

Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry at this special occasion also announced the agreement signed with the Government of UAE to learn and leverage blockchain technology in the e-governance of India. The 2 days summit observed the presence of over 80 global blockchain influencers and speakers to address 2300 participants joined at the summit.

More than 50 VC & crypto funds together with a number of premium academic institutes including ISB, NUS, IIT-B, IIT-D IIM-S, and others participated in the summit to strengthen the Indian blockchain ecosystem. Representatives and bureaucrats from various ministries participated to take notes on empowering a blockchain ecosystem and include ideas in the current formulation of cryptocurrency regulation of India. The regulation is planned to be implemented by the end of financial tenure. 10 panels were constructed to discuss topics of e-governance, supply chain, fintech, Aadhar (Indian identity system), cryptocurrency regulations, digital frauds, money laundering, ICOs & STOs, traditional funding and skills enhancement in the blockchain.

A special highlight of the summit was the launch of India’s first public blockchain network by Auxledger during the inaugural session. Auxledger’s public network enables business-ready functionalities including non-volatility of network fees and enabling data privacy in a public chain. The enterprise-grade network is going to act as the heart of Auxledger technology and will soon enable interoperability across the 100s of private Auxledger chains which are live with over 60 million users of Indian State Governments. Auxledger, which also has been a partner of Cashaa for over a year, has been a preferred choice for blockchain infrastructure by the Indian Government, and many Fortune 500 Companies joined Auxledger as partners. With a live public network, the Auxledger ecosystem is expecting to grow at exponential speed.

One of the largest summits hosted in the country had multiple elements to offer its mixed audience of policymakers, entrepreneurs, VCs, academicians, and students. At the main stage, the conference included corporate presentations on blockchain by Google, IBM, Cognizant, ConsenSys, Auxesis, Tech Mahindra, Accenture and EIL for India, along with keynote speeches from directors of leading universities as well as experts from the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Along with the stage conference, the main attractions of the summit included the Blockchain Expo, Blockchain Startup Pitch and Blockchain Masterclass:

Blockchain Expo

Blockchain Masterclass

This first Blockchain Summit India is the first annual conference that will be held until 2030, as part of the Blockchain2030 initiative, which is set to transform India’s e-governance until 2030 using blockchain technology. We are proud that Cashaa is part of such an impactful initiative, which is set to bring the advantages of blockchain technology into the lives of 1.2 Billion people.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and who helped spread the word worldwide!

If you want to read more, please check the following articles:

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Blockchain Summit receives support from Government to make India Blockchain Capital

India’s Supreme Court sets 4-week deadline for Government to regulate cryptocurrency

Here’s to an even greater Blockchain Summit India 2020!

Cashaa Team

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Introduction to Cashaa APIs — Build your business on top of Cashaa!

Thanks to all who joined us last Sunday for our third weekly AMA session.

After our last AMAs about our CMC wallet and exchange, we wanted to share with you how these can be used by you. At our recent Blockchain Summit India, we got many requests from businesses who want to use these already.

We will have 2 APIs available for entrepreneurs who want to build their business with Cashaa:

1) Wallet related APIs

We provide APIs for the following: Generate an address for a particular currency, get details of all transactions for a particular address, send cryptocurrency to a destination address, and retrieve the balance for a particular address. With these capabilities, you can build your own wallet and be sure of compliance and security requirements being fulfilled.

Over time, we are working also on how to enable different wallets to use our compliance API. More details on this will come in the next session.

2) Trading related APIs

With our trading related APIs, you can add buy orders and sell orders at market rate on the exchange, receive the history of all your trading activities on your account, and fetch the exchange rate in GBP/EUR for a particular cryptocurrency.

To know more about the advantages of our wallet and exchange, you can check our articles and presentations about them (here and here).

With our white-label APIs to access regulated finance, you will have a solid foundation including years of compliance experience. Our entrepreneurs can bring their great ideas to reality, without having to build everything from scratch.

Another great advantage, especially for new companies, is the access to liquidity for fair rates, aggregated from leading exchanges and OTC desks. Many new exchanges keep coming up but are lacking liquidity, or real-time pricing, whereas we are solving both.

On the compliance side, it not only includes KYC but ongoing checking and monitoring of all transactions.

As the next step, we will add payment processing from debit and credit cards. Many companies are lacking this capability, and existing providers are expensive, around 5–10%, and are requiring users to use their liquidity providers. We are inviting you to check our pricing yourself, making us of the 10 EUR/GBP given by us as credit. Accepting card payments will be especially attractive for token sales, which we are accepting as well.

After having received many requests, we will also add the Wallet APIs and Trading APIs for LTC, XRP and BCH.

To access the recording of this session, click here, and for the presentation, see here.

We are looking forward to our 4th and last AMA session about IBAN accounts on Sunday, 3 March!

We would like to announce that after the end of the weekly AMAs introducing our products, we will continue with monthly AMAs, each on the first Sunday of every month, 3.30pm GMT!

Team Cashaa

One Account for old and new Money

Crypto Businesses, look no further, UK Current Accounts are here for you!

One of the main problems which led to the foundation of Cashaa was the gap between traditional systems and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto companies, which frequently have as a goal to bank the unbanked, are struggling to open bank accounts for themselves. Especially smaller companies related to cryptocurrency get rejected by traditional banks, including in the US and Europe, places which otherwise would picture themselves as progressive and crypto-friendly.

On one side, policymakers try to make their countries attractive for crypto startups, on the other side, banks are not acting accordingly. This creates a huge opportunity for Cashaa, which has already solved the problem.

We are providing the necessary infrastructure for any crypto-related businesses like exchanges, wallet companies or brokers, who can focus on building their own product while Cashaa takes care of their banking problem.

All corporate accounts include a UK current account that comes with a MasterCard.

What’s more, we are the only one who provides fiat and multi-sig crypto accounts without transaction fees to our community, see our first session with more details on our CMC wallet.

We welcome businesses from anywhere except India, China (except Hongkong) and sanctioned countries. After submitting the necessary documents and having deposited the required amount of CAS token, we will start the application review.

Cashaa will do all the hard work in the background, including continuous risk assessment with all checks on you, on all transactions and on the customers you are onboarding.

Checks of crypto transactions are already done in the CMC wallet, which is what banks are lacking.

Pricing starts from 100 GBP/Month and CAS deposit of 100,000; we already received 164 requests to open an account, and will select 10 companies from all over the world to open an account in March through our system. This will allow us to understand the global requirements and make sure we have proper tools, compliance, policy, and procedures before we automate our customer onboarding.

Note: Due to the high demand for our Business Accounts, we are not reviewing the Blue Business applications. Any business who applied for an account, please deposit the CAS stake to wait in the correct queue. Please make sure that you are applying for the correct account type. The operational account is only for businesses who are not in crypto and want a regular bank account with a feature to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. All other businesses will fall under the category of merchant account.

As we are progressing and our systems will evolve in the next quarter, we will expand our business accounts offering to other industries such as gaming and cannabis industry, starting from June 2019.

Personal accounts with the card will be launched in early 2020, as we until then want to mature our products for different businesses. Furthermore, enabling businesses at first eventually can also get us related individuals from these businesses’ communities more easily.

To access the presentation, click here.

We hope you enjoyed our four AMA sessions, we are inviting you to provide us your feedback and suggestions for further sessions. We will now conduct monthly AMAs, each on the first Sunday of the month, 3.30pm GMT, starting from Sunday, 7 April 2019.

Cashaa Team

One Account for old and new Money

Join us in Amsterdam and learn how Cashaa stands out from the crowd!

Amsterdam over the past years has become one of the most important cities for us aside London, due to our local community, the number of local businesses interested in banking with us, as well as the overall buzz of the city, being one of the leading innovation hubs in Europe!

We are excited to spend some time in Amsterdam once more, 4th July until 10th July!

Aside from meeting new business partners, we want to take the chance to meet our wonderful supporters in the region, and update you all in person about the past months!

You can meet the team at our Cashaa Meetup at the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, on 7th July, 5.30–7pm CEST, venue: Zeedijk 43A, 1012 AR Amsterdam.

Kumar will present on why Cashaa stands out from the crowd of today’s challenger banks and from other attempts to bridge fiat and crypto, give an update on anything that’s new since we were last in Amsterdam, as well as answer your questions at a roundtable discussion on various topics!

To join the meetup, sign up here.

If you want to meet on any other day until 10th, let us know at

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Cashaa Team

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