CAS Trading on Bitbns with INR / CAS Pair – Integration into Unicas products

CAS is live on Bitbns as of 9.30PM 13th of January, 2021. 

Unicas by Cashaa has started rolling out it’s physical branches and online crypto banking platform. Users are required to have min 10,000 CAS for Standard and 100,000 CAS for Premium crypto friendly banking services. 

Based on CAS holdings, holders will be rewarded with better interest rates on savings accounts and lower interest rates while taking loans compared to any bank in India. Soon CAS can be used to pay for services in India to reduce transactional banking costs. 

The crypto revolution in India started after the Supreme Court removed the ban imposed by the Central bank of India on 4th March 2020. As CAS is an integral part of the Cashaa banking ecosystem, CAS is required for Unicas services. Bitbns will be listing CAS in INR pairs to make sure that the Indian population, with over a billion people, has an easy way to access CAS through Indian rupee to take advantage of our services.

Cashaa Tokens (CAS) are now available on: 




Binance DEX



Cashaa Wallet 


Cashaa has begun its global expansion and on its road to become the banking platform of choice for individuals and businesses worldwide. 


The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Unicas Opens World’s First Physical Crypto Banking Branch In Jaipur, India

Cashaa is pleased to report that today Unicas opened its first physical branch in Jaipur, India.

We encourage everyone from Jaipur or the surrounding region to visit the Unicas branch located at: C-52 , Keshav Enclave, Janpath, Lal Kothi, Jaipur, 302015, Rajasthan.

Opening hours are 9.30am — 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

To see some pictures of the Unicas branch please visit this link.

· Unicas is the world’s first crypto financial institution to roll out physical branches

· Allows users to transact in cryptocurrency and INR through a single account

· Products include traditional banking services, buying and selling of cryptocurrency as well as instant loans against cryptocurrencies

· Initial rollout of 14 branches in January, rapid expansion to 100 branches by 2022

Unicas is a joint venture between Cashaa and the United Multistate co-op society, that allows users to transact in cryptocurrency and fiat from one account. The JV will enable Cashaa to access United’s regulatory licenses, its physical branches, and overall banking Infrastructure.

Unicas is initially opening its services online and through 14 branches across NCR, Rajasthan, and Gujarat by January 2021, and plans to rapidly expand to 100 branches by the end of 2022. “This will allow us to build, scale and offer customized financial and crypto products for the local Indian markets” said Mr. Dinesh Kukreja, CEO of Unicas.

Users will be able to deposit and withdraw through a savings account the way they operate with traditional banks in India. This is the first time in the world a financial institution has enabled cryptocurrency trade through physical branches.

“If we are planning to move ahead with the aim of digital India then we cannot hesitate in adopting new technologies and finding innovative ways to bring it to Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. In addition to banking, Unicas will also provide information and guidance on the level of convenience and security that blockchain technology offers.” said Kumar Gaurav, CEO and Founder of Cashaa.

Unicas will be providing banking services for both fiat and crypto assets. Services include savings accounts, crypto exchange, crypto loan and debit cards to spend crypto. Users may receive an instant loan digitally by depositing crypto assets in the Unicas wallet and requesting the equivalent value of INR on their card or bank account.

The joint venture is merging United’s decade of experience in Indian traditional finance with Cashaa’s international banking and cryptocurrency experience to transform both the Indian fintech space and the crypto industry.

With the rollout of the initial 14 branches, Unicas aims to onboard 25,000 customers within the first quarter of 2021. Cashaa has already been providing its services to more than 200 crypto exchanges, wallets and startups dealing in crypto.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Cashaa will list on KuCoin to aid the rollout of its Global Banking Platform

Cashaa will open accounts to India, USA, UK & Europe

Cashaa is excited to announce it is listing on KuCoin exchange to aid the adoption of its native CAS token in conjunction with the rollout of the world’s first crypto friendly banking platform. Cashaa will be aggressively rolling out its services across India, USA, UK & Europe over the next 3 months.

Cashaa already provides banking services to hundreds of leading crypto businesses. “KuCoin having 6 million users worldwide will significantly increase the awareness of Cashaa’s banking services and the accessibility of the CAS token” said Kumar Gaurav CEO of Cashaa.

In India, Cashaa will serve customers through it’s joint venture Unicas, which will be rolling out an online application and physical branches for its services.

Mr Gaurav stated “Our branches will be aimed at the education and introduction of cryptocurrency to the Indian population. This is a significant moment in history as these are the first physical branches to enable crypto friendly banking services.”

Johnny Lyu, CEO at KuCoin Global, said “Bringing crypto to the mass is one of the key missions at KuCoin, and we are excited about the physical crypto bank branches to be opened in India by UNICAS. The crypto adoption is inevitable and KuCoin will continue to support crypto gems that contribute to this goal.”

Cashaa has built a regulatory compliant banking platform which enables users to transact in fiat and crypto seamlessly from the one account dashboard. The platform gives its users access to the Indian banking system, Bank of England, European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve with JP Morgan as a Correspondent Bank.

The CAS token which will power the banking ecosystem and is an essential requirement to use Cashaa’s services. Utilities include: Activating bank accounts, discount on transaction and international wire fees, free FX and crypto exchange as well as staking for crypto debit cards and exclusive banking services.

From January, Cashaa will start offering its services to individuals and businesses in all 50 states of the USA, followed by the UK and Europe in February.


KuCoin Listing Schedule:

Trading will go live on Kucoin at 18:00 December 21, 2002 (UTC+8).

Deposits are open now

Withdrawals will open December 22, 2020


The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Roadmap update 2020

Dear community members,

We have come a long way and through our global partnerships we are ready to expand globally step by step. Now we are on an ambitious mission to change banking worldwide. Based on current conditions we have decided to scatter the launch into the following order of geographies:

1. India (Unicas)

2. USA

3. UK and Europe

4. Worldwide (Cashfi)

Our updated roadmap will be the following:

December 2020: Indian Market

Key tasks will be:

  • Website of Unicas
  • Modelling of Unicas branches
  • Continue the training of existing United employees
  • Marketing roadmap execution of Unicas with marketing agency

Other tasks:

  • Complete the development of CAS integration in the banking platform
  • Continue development of the USD banking services
  • Release the broker account in the new banking platform
  • Hiring and training of operation and support employees in the USA

January 2021: USA Market

  • Release of business and personal accounts in the USA market.
  • Release the utility of CAS token in the internet banking platform
  • Marketing roadmap execution of launch in the USA
  • Hiring and training operational and support employees for the European market

February 2021: European Market

  • Release of business & personal accounts in the European market.
  • Marketing campaign for the launch in the UK and Europe
  • Development of foreign exchange services with international money transfer
  • Smart contract deployment of Cashaa DeFi (Cashfi)
  • Development of CashFi consumer loans

March 2021: Worldwide (Cashfi)

  • Release of foreign exchange services for personal and business users
  • Release of Cashfi Beta in the Cashaa banking system
  • Marketing campaign for Cashfi
  • Development of mobile application for Cashaa
  • Development of the virtual cards (Mastercard, Visa, Rupay and Unionpay) generation

The team has made these changes in the roadmap for a smooth release and functioning of accounts considering following factors.

1. Great market response for Unicas (Cashaa India):

On 27th Oct, we announced our joint venture with United to start crypto branch banking in India. United has received great response resulting in increased enquiries from customers in India. At the same time, Indian media has changed its views about cryptocurrencies after our press release. We decide to fully capitalize this opportunity in India and hence most of our existing resources will be busy in supporting the launch of Unicas.

Please find the list of media in India who covered this news:

2. Unavailability of great Customer Support (Retail):

We are a young start-up working hard to bank underbanked users around the world. For the past one year, our existing competencies have been handling business customers. Retail is a new business and we still have to build the strong operational competencies within the company.

Our plan was to work with companies who are providing support to other fintech’s in Europe. However, now that the UK and Europe are entering into the second phase of COVID lockdown, the support centres will not be able to work as we had expected. Hence, we have decided to take a different approach to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

Management has decided to build a team for operations and support for the upcoming retail unit in Gurgaon, India. We have selected this location as this city is home of the support and operation centre of multiple financial brands serving the European and USA market such as Barclays, American Express, Bank of America, CitiGroup and many more. This will help us to easily acquire staff who are experienced and have the required skill set to provide quality support.

The new office will open in December and we expect it will be ready to start providing support from the beginning of January.

3. Technical delays:

Business accounts: We are working together with our existing business customers to streamline the experience of our internet banking platform. We did experience a few glitches, our technical team is expecting to resolve them by 22nd November.

Personal accounts (GBP and EUR): We are experiencing some delays from one of our UK partners regulated by the FCA. We expected some functional features to be delivered by them on 13th November to automate on-boarding. They are working hard to deliver the functionality needed however we have not received a clear deadline.

Business and retail accounts (USD): Integration is progressing well, we have had some minor delays from the team delivering our automated API for Fedwire and SWIFT, which is routed through JP Morgan, however it will not impact the release of our USD accounts for business or personal.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Cashaa brings DeFi

A Preface for those new to DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an application of Blockchain technology that promises transparency in money markets. DeFi platforms intend to build an alternative financial system for offering & receiving loans, asset management, trading & exchanging currencies, making payments, etc. With no involvements of banks, brokers, or trusted third parties, or governments. DeFi eliminated the middlemen. 

DeFi has grown exponentially in 2020, with the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols now exceeding $12 bn+. In Q2, 2020 DeFi became the third-largest category within Ethereum, accounting for 24% of the total activity. This was the result of only 4000 active wallets.

The fact that DeFi is a revolution is well established. However, there isn’t any exclusive DeFi project catering to all services seamlessly. The barriers to entry are high with a steep learning curve, which limits the adoption of DeFi by retail consumers. The global organized lending market is nearly $6.8 trillion. For DeFi to thrive, seamless integration of offerings to retail markets is needed.

Cashaa announces Cashfi – Defi for the masses

Cashaa was launched in 2018 with a vision to provide banking solutions to Crypto Businesses and Individuals. With a goal to provide one account for both old and new types of money, offering a comprehensive DeFi solution is another step to achieving this. After successfully running the primary function of a bank, Cashaa is uniquely positioned to be able to provide the bridge between decentralized and centralized finance.

Cashaa has partnered with Apple, Nike, Paytm, Peter England, Macy’s, Flipkart, and 2000+ other merchant partners to offer high discount (to the extent of 0%) consumer loans. Cashaa facilitates on-ramp and off-ramp solutions which enables it to provide these services directly via bank transfers. 

Cashaa users will be able to take advantage of the growing DeFi ecosystem. Being present in the industry for a long time, Cashaa very well understands the nuances of the crypto markets like volatility. To safeguard its users from losing their collateral, Cashaa will soon offer collateral insurance services. 

Empowering CAS Tokens

CAS is the utility token used to access Bank accounts and Fiat-Crypto-Fiat ramping services provided by Cashaa. The demand for these services will increase dramatically with billions of dollars being moved on and off the DeFi ecosystem. With thousands of Individuals & Businesses ready to access Cashaa’s accounts and corresponding services an exponential surge in the demand of CAS tokens will occur. 

Cashaa will benefit from the hundreds of new people joining the DeFi revolution every day that do not want to deal with the sophisticated and rather technical process of operating DeFi protocols, including swaps and liquidity pools. We are creating a ‘super simple interface to DeFi’. Most services will work with just one click on your phone!
Cashaa aims to become the obvious choice for anyone starting with DeFi. 

Cashfi will launch in Q2, 2021, with more details coming soon. 

World’s First Crypto-Friendly Branches in India

  • Open saving accounts with crypto wallets 
  • Loan against cryptocurrencies, gold, and real estate
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies, Bonds, and fixed deposits
  • Rapid expansion to over 100 branches by 2022
  • Buy cryptocurrency with cash in physical branches

Cashaa is proud to announced its joint venture with, The United Multistate Credit Co. Operative Society as part of its India expansion plan. The Joint Venture, UNICAS, will build the world’s first crypto-friendly financial institution with physical branches and operations. The UNICAS will start its operations in Dec 2020. 

The JV will enable Cashaa to access The United’s regulatory licenses, its physical branches, and overall banking Infrastructure. ‘This will allow us to build, scale and offer customized financial and crypto products for the local Indian markets’ said Mr. Dinesh Kukreja, Managing Director of United Multistate Credit Co. Operative Society, who has been appointed as the CEO of the Unicas venture. 

UNICAS will enable people to access traditional banking services along with crypto banking services both online and through its 22 physical branches across north India. The United’s existing branches will be transformed and modernized as Crypto Lounges. 

Members can walk into any of these branches and get educated about Cryptocurrencies along with other Banking services. Initially account holders will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Cashaa (CAS), Ethereum(ETH), Binance (BNB), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), EOS, Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple(XRP) in cash or with the account balance in Indian Rupees. The immediate plan is to open these Crypto Lounges in Delhi, Gujarat, and Rajasthan covering a population of 150 million Indians living in these states. ‘We are looking forward to expanding our footprints across other Indian states from there on’ stated Mr. Kukreja.

Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEO of  Cashaa” stated ‘Most Indians are not aware or are miss guided about Cryptocurrency as an online product and they tend to trust what they see or what the government recognizes and recommends. Also, India is still largely a cash-based economy despite a Demonetization drive. With UNICAS Crypto lounges we intend to address both issues which are slowing the process of cryptocurrency adoption in India.’

In September, Cashaa had raised 5 Million USD (~35 crores INR) to expand its operations into the Indian market from a Dubai-based investment fund O1EX. During the covid-19 pandemic Cashaa which saw an 800% jump in its operations and businesses. Mr. Gaurav added ‘‘This made us feel that the moment was ripe for India to start inducting emerging technologies into its banking domain. This is the opportune moment for us to revolutionize the banking space and deliver Indian’s a world-class inclusive banking experience with cryptocurrencies.’

Under the leadership of Mr. Dinesh Kukreja, The United has been operating since 2012 and has been improving the lives of millions of Indians through its financial services. It is a member of the National Federation of Urban Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies Ltd. (NAFCUB) vide membership no. 1753 and certified with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems. NAFCUB is an apex National Level Federation of Urban Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies. Currently, the United is providing savings accounts, cash deposits and withdrawals, multiple bonds, and investment products, and loans (home, gold, and consumer). 

Speaking to the media, Mr. Dinesh Kukreja, MD The United & CEO of UNICAS, ‘We are entering into the future of financial services in India. Merging our decade of experience with Indian traditional finance with Cashaa’s international banking experience will bring enormous transformation to both Indian fintech and the crypto industry. We are the first regulated financial institution in the world with physical branches where users can access crypto products. By increasing our exposure to emerging technologies, we are aiming to rapidly expand to over 100 physical branches by 2021, employing thousands of skilled professionals in India.’ Our savings bank account holders will also be able to use their cryptocurrencies as collaterals to take loans, like any other traditional loan given by banks.