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We are pleased to share that we are now providing market-beating yields on the CAS under the Cashaa Earn product on the Cashaa app – users can now earn interest of up to 3% on their CAS deposits.

Why earn yield on CAS? 

Our yield on CAS gives users the opportunity to generate passive returns that’s highest in crypto industry, while holding on to the crypto currency for future gains.

Why choose CAS Cashaa Earn?

In addition to CAS, now Cashaa offers Earn features on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, USDC Coin and Tether, and Fiat currencies which come with the following benefits:

1. The Cashaa Earn strategy optimizer, which offer returns only on assets that have high institutional demand for credit and liquidity, leading to minimum risk.

2. A daily compounded interest, which leads to a higher yield over time.

3. A minimum deposit of just $50 equivalent, and no minimum investment period for flexi plans, so everyone can start earning a passive return with minimum capital.

How to use Cashaa Earn Fixed Plans:

Please refer to the below article link for Cashaa Earn Fixed Plans tutorials:

How to make Fixed deposit in Crypto currency on Cashaa

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