A new world of opportunities is opening in India — Be a part of it!

As one of the earliest crypto companies in India, we always saw it as our mission to spread the word among the future generation of business leaders and conducted many university lectures in the past years.

E-Summit’19, 15–17 March 2019, is a 3-day entrepreneurship fest, bringing together 1600 attendees, 40 startups, 10 events, 10 speakers and 200 internship opportunities.

E-Summit is organized by E-Cell, VIT, a student club that aims to bring the spirit of entrepreneurship to everyone and provide opportunities that will help young entrepreneurs on their way to success. E-Cell also organizes numerous events throughout the year which helps students promote their startups.

The Summit starts with the E-Talks session with 5 motivational speakers, including Kumar Gaurav, inspiring students and promoting entrepreneurship.

Under the topic of “India is opening up for cryptocurrency — Capture the new world of opportunities”, Kumar will share his entrepreneur journey, how he founded Cashaa and founded Auxesis, and how he made them 2 of the Top 100 most influential blockchain companies worldwide, together with insights into the crypto space in India and how to get started.

Students will be equipped with all they need to make the best use of the new wave of creativity and innovation that we’ll see once India legalizes crypto.

Date: 15 March 2019, 12.00–12.25pm

Venue: Gorbachev Rd, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632014, India

The agenda also includes a technical and business workshop, a 15-hour hackathon, competitions, and an internship expo; for more details, see here.

E-Summit’19 perfectly fits into our ongoing work in educating and building a blockchain ecosystem in India, including startups, corporations, and universities. Many of them recently have come together at BSI 2019. Another initiative over the past years was Blockchain Lab India, conducting research and training.

If you are around, join us, we are looking forward to meeting you!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Meet Janina Lowisz at Cryptovator’s Blockchain for Businesses Event, London!

A lot has happened in the past weeks — we have updated our account plans, we have started business onboarding this month, reaching 177 business signups and over 2000 individual signups.

We are excited to present all the latest at the Blockchain for Businessesevent in London, which is bringing together over 50 participants and inspiring speakers. With over 10 sessions and plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded blockchain enthusiasts, this event aims to help you bring your business to the next level.

Day: Monday, 25 March 2019
Time: 14.30–15.00 GMT

Venue: The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 7DL

Janina will share her journey in the blockchain space and Cashaa’s achievements, which this month became the first to provide business accounts to crypto businesses worldwide, secure and compliant multi-sig wallets, and a wealth of highly useful features more.

In the coming days, our plans will be updated to make our accounts even better — stay tuned!

Other speakers include representatives from Sainsbury’s, Bupa, as well as fellow crypto startups Nuggets, BlockBank, SatoshiPoint, and DiamondBack. For more details and the complete agenda, see here.

Blockchain for Businesses is organized by Cryptovator, a cryptocurrency social media influencer, investor and educator since 2013, who is reviewing blockchain projects on his Youtube channel.

Looking forward to meeting you in London, answer all your questions and fulfill all your businesses’ banking needs!

Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Coinfest 2019 — Meet Janina at the UK’s most popular cryptocurrency event!

Another week, another great event! While we are busy rolling out our new plans and onboarding the first businesses, we are also excited about the many events we’ve been invited to lately!

In many parts of the world, Coinfest is the place to be — since it started in 2013 in Vancouver, it has established itself as a decentral, community-focused, annual event to meet the most promising startups and network with like-minded people many of whom have been in this space for many years.

This year’s edition of Coinfest UK will take place in Manchester, 4–6 April 2019, and is expecting over 800 visitors from over 17 countries, and over 40 speakers; venue: Manchester Conference Center, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB.

Aside from a packed program of keynote speeches and panel discussions, Coinfest will also include an exhibition as well as free workshops on Bitcoin, mining, trading, smart contracts, wallets and more, for the complete agenda, see here.

Our Co-Founder & VP Marketing Janina will participate in a panel discussion on a variety of topics: From the state of cryptocurrency adoption, the most popular uses of cryptocurrency, methods of fundraising such as ICOs, STOs and IEOs, security, regulation, scaling, to the question of where blockchain technology is actually best at.

Cashaa clearly helps advance many of these areas, with our plans specifically targeting crypto businesses such as ICOs and STOs, as well as enabling businesses to easily adopt cryptocurrency. Our secure and compliant CMC wallet with a single-click exchange capability between fiat and crypto is solving the pain points with existing exchanges and wallets today. Sign up here to get the most comprehensive, advanced crypto banking experience now!

The panel will be hosted by Chris Coney, Founder of Cryptoversity, the world’s first online school for cryptocurrency. Fellow panelists include Danny Brewster (Managing Director, AAO Technologies), Nicholas Gregory (CEO, CommerceBlock), Brian Donegan (Digital Development Manager, IOM Digital Agency), Josh Riddett (CEO, Easy Crypto Hunter) and Bertie Stephens (Co-Founder & CEO, Flubit).

Looking forward to meeting many old and new friends!

Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

New Business Plans, numerous Signups, and great Events — Check our March Wrapup!

Product Updates

After the beta launch of our platform in March, we are proud of 186 businesses now having arrived at the shores of Cashaa, ready to leave legacy banking behind! We have started our accounts for businesses, whether you are in the UK or globally, and have closely worked with our first users.

We have included your feedback and have been focused on developing our business plans to make them even more suitable for your needs. These plans will go live on 8 April, here’s a sneak peek of some of their features:

Our accounts were made with a focus on inclusivity, empowering both large and small businesses, with monthly fees starting from as low as 0 monthly fee. For traditional businesses looking to accept cryptocurrencies, we offer our Start Plan, enable you to accept crypto with a 0 % volatility risk and the ability to convert it to 200 currencies. Our Standard Plan additionally includes a UK current account with Mastercard and is recommended for those businesses who are ready for new age banking also in fiat.

Our Advance Plan includes a UK current account with a Mastercard, in-built crypto-to-fiat conversion, and the ability to bank your own users, and a limit of 1 Billion GBP. This plan is dedicated to crypto businesses such as exchanges, wallet companies, ICOs, STOs, etc.

Stay tuned for our website updates to come until 8th April, with the full details on all these plans. Most importantly, make sure you spread the word with any business you know — we’re sure there’s something in it for them all!

After our successful AMAs presenting our products, we are now continuing with monthly AMAs — make sure you join us for the coming AMA including all you need to know on our next steps on

Sunday 7 April 2019, 3.30pm BST!


This month started with our CPO Archit and our VP Technology Amjad spreading the word at 2 leading conferences in Mumbai, Fintegrate Zone and Blockchained India:

In the following week, Janina met numerous businesses at Blockchain Tech World, the UK’s largest technology conference:

The month got a wonderful ending having presented at Cryptovator’s Blockchain for Business Event in London, where Janina met many old and new faces of the London community — make sure you watch the interview !

Cashaa in the Media

A highlight this month was having received a dedicated Coin Report by popular crypto influencer Nik Patel — make sure you !

We got covered in a range of media more — check out the following articles and interviews:

 (full report)

Definitely, great times ahead, make sure you share all this news with your contacts to get them onboarded too!

Looking forward to seeing you all at our AMAs on 7th!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Meet Kumar at Global Blockchain Forum 2019, Mumbai — The Next Wave!

We have an exciting week, not only is it marked by Monday’s launch of our much-awaited business plans, but also with Global Blockchain Forum 2019 — The Next Wavecoming up — if you are in Mumbai, make sure you join us tomorrow Friday, 12 April!

Global Blockchain Forum 2019 is organized by Pyramid Learning Platforms, a worldwide technology events producer which organizes B2B2C seminars, conferences, and symposiums to create and sustain an environment of mutual support between businesses and education, as well as partnerships with industry and government.

Notable speakers at this year’s Global Blockchain Forum include representatives from DCB Bank, Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services, Infosys and Capgemini, among others.

Kumar is invited to participate in 2 expert panels:

First, 12:10–12:50 pm, he will participate in a panel on “Cross-industry perspective on blockchain” aside fellow panelists Akash Gaurav (CEO, Auxesis Group), Dr. Kaushik Kulkarni (Executive Director, Cercer Digibots Group of Companies), and KV Deepu (President and COO, Bajaj Finserv).

Then, he will share in a panel on “Blockchain Transforming Financial Services” (14:30–15:10 pm) how Cashaa is transforming the financial services industry by bringing crypto banking and traditional banking together on one platform. We are the bridge between the old and new world, one of the much-quoted “pick and shovel providers” required to create large-scale transformation and drive crypto adoption globally.

Other panelists confirmed so far include Rajat Sinha (AVP Products & Marketing, LenDenClub).

Both panels will be moderated by Karishma Kunder (Co-Founder & CEO, BlobCity).

Venue: 18.99 Latitude Banquets, GN 4, 4th Flr, Trade View Bldg Oasis Complex, Kamala Mills, Lower, Parel, Mumbai 400013

We are looking forward to meeting our local community as well as meeting new businesses whom we can help with our plans! Our signups are growing every day, now having reached 194 businesses, join them now at https://cashaa.com/!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Cashaa Roadmap 2019 — Our Road to Greatness, join us now!

Our mission is to bank a global Crypto Economy and as the months are passing we are coming more closer to it.

Hundreds of projects were started in 2017–2018, doing ICOs or token sales, frequently promising to create a bridge between the traditional and the crypto industry or develop crypto-fiat banking, but not a single company has been able to deliver anything near to that. All we have seen were companies that used brand names and fake partnerships to jump their token price.

Our Start in 2019 — Our Products so far

At Cashaa, our vision was clear from the day we were founded. Any shortcut in compliance and marketing ahead the product will jeopardize our future. We worked hard during the bear market to focus on building the product and open new markets to bring crypto adoption.

So far less than 0.5% of the people in the world have tasted crypto, and soon we will see a huge rise when the remaining 99.5% become aware of its true potential. Irrespective of small adoption, crypto has become one of the most disruptive industries and hundreds of businesses are coming up. However, most of these businesses lack banking infrastructure. Check out our Business accounts if your exchange or crypto company needs banking.

In the first quarter of 2019, we launched our wallet, enabling business onboarding and so far had 203 businesses sign up, all ready to get their crypto banking. While we gave compliance and regulation a priority, we made sure that the fundamentals of crypto of your keys, your Bitcoin must be maintained.

Finally, in April 2019, we launched a full banking UK current accountfor all your local and international banking needs with Mastercard. A unique borderless payment platform for all the banking needs for global businesses. Whatever you may need, we make it easy by providing you with exceptional online banking experience.

We also had a superb Blockchain Summit India, where we were selected Fintech Partner, giving us exposure in an important time before India will open up for cryptocurrency and facilitating a possibly huge adoption. Clickhere to know about Vision Blockchain 2030 and what we are doing in India.

As promised, we have worked on our roadmap which we are excited to share with you now!

Here are the coming milestones until the end of this year:

April — June 2019:

  • The world’s first user-controlled multisig cryptocurrency wallet with a borderless payment platform. Buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more and convert into 200 currencies worldwide. (Live)

July — September 2019:

  • Launch of Online banking current accounts for businesses based in India

October — December 2019:

  • Interest on crypto deposits (partnership)

Make sure you share these updates with all your contacts and get them on board — together, let’s make 2019 the best year ever!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform