Celebrate Cashaa’s 3-year birthday at London Tech Week!

Cashaa is having its 3rd birthday this month, which better way to celebrate than in London, where we started! Meet us and celebrate all past successes and a promising future at London Tech Week, 9–16 June 2019!

London Tech Week is the UK’s annual flagship event in partnership with the UK Government and supported by the Mayor of London, showcasing its role as a leading worldwide cutting-edge tech hub and one of the world’s most open and welcoming markets, connecting international communities.

Tech Week always consists of numerous events throughout London many of which are highly relevant for Cashaa, and where we want to continue our streak of new customer and partner signups started in Consensus and Malta Blockchain Summit.

This year, we are looking forward to an especially outstanding edition, as for the first time, we have been invited to speak on even 3 occasions!

Monday 10 June, 1–1.45pm BST, make sure you join us at the China-UK HI Tech Festival — Tech for all, organized by Somerco and Cocoon Global, where Cashaa will participate in a panel on Mass Adoption of Fintech, moderated by Eric Van Der Kleij, CEO of Frontier network & Chairman of Keybox.

Venue: Cocoon, 4 Christopher Street, EC2A 2BS London

>>>>>You can get your ticket here with the discount code ‘cashaa’.

We have two more events on Wednesday, 12 June!

First, 9.50–10.10am, Janina will present Cashaa as a successful business case study at a blockchain workshop for the Industrial Bank of Korea, organized by Tech Italia Lab London.

Venue: Runway East Moorgate, 10 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AF

Then, you can meet us at UK-India Tech Day, which is one of our highlights this week, and which also puts Cashaa’s achievements in the focus by giving Janina a speaking slot on “Building a ‘crypto-first’ Bank”, 4.15–4.45pm.

Venue: Jumeirah Carlton Tower, 1 Cadogan Pl, Belgravia, London SW1X 9PY

Please remember that Kumar has also been nominated for the Blockchain Innovator Award, to be given at Blockchain for Business Summit on 13 June, a London Tech Week event in partnership with the UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy:

Click here for a vote for him

This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of an individual who has implemented blockchain technology in business in the most innovative way, and rewards this achievement with exposure to an audience of millions!

You can contribute to crowning our London Tech Week in the best possible way, by helping Kumar win — VOTE HERE and spread the word! You’ll get a discount code for a 200 GBP on the Blockchain for Business Summit ticket, as well as a free TechXLR8 Expo pass after completing your vote!

The voting deadline is on 07 June 2019, so please hurry up!
The winner will be announced on 13 June 2019 
at the ExCeL conference center in London.

Other than that, there are plenty of networking opportunities, see here for all other events that form part of #LTW and contact janina@cashaa.com if you want to meet between 9–16 June 2019 outside the above-mentioned events.

Time flies, we almost can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Looking forward to a great time in London with all our old friends who supported us along the way, as well as with new fruitful contacts!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Did your CAS get stolen in past? Don’t worry, we got your back!

As you know, we proposed a CAS token swap and now our CAS swap voting is in full swing.

In the past days, we received multiple requests from community members, reminding us of their past incidents in which their tokens were hacked, asking whether we can also take any action concerning these tokens.

As always, our community comes first, and we now additionally will take care of your cases to the extent that we can, even if they happened already some time in the past:

To this end, we are now enabling you to report any incidents in which your CAS got stolen. To access the reporting form, click here.

If we encounter any activity where such tokens are coming for a swap, the sender will be asked to proof the source of tokens and such cases will be taken seriously. We will investigate the case and tokens linked to your reports and try to recover your CAS.

If your CAS got stolen, this is your chance. Also please forward this information to anyone in the community you know to whom the same happened.

Please note: We will not be able to do anything if the hacker already sold the stolen CAS to an exchange and any buyer has made the purchase from the exchange. We always advise if you find that your tokens are being sold at exchange to reach the exchange’s legal department directly to investigate and catch the depositor.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Bring Business Contacts on board and get your free account with 150 GBP

The last few weeks have been very exciting for us, we not only solved the biggest problem which all the businesses worldwide had with cryptos. We are going to launch the personal accounts with banking features in a few months, but before starting its subscription, we decided to give a few personal accounts already NOW to community members who are spreading the message of Cashaa to businesses who need help!

We can absolutely understand that you don’t want to wait longer for our business features to also come to your personal account. Therefore we decided to issue personal accounts with Mastercardfor everyone referring us to a business!

Onboard only one business customer for a Standard or an Advance account and get your personal account with banking features with Mastercard NOW, AT ZERO FEE, while everyone else has to wait for the official launch.

This account opening is subject to AML/KYC verification.

One business customer is enough for one individual to get crypto-friendly banking services.

How will it work?

  1. You have to make an email introduction to the business contacts at archit@cashaa.com.
  2. Once your referred business onboarded successfully we will send you an activation code on your email.
  3. Pass the activation code to the helpdesk from your Cashaa account to start your account activation process.


  1. From 1st September on, you’ll find your referral code in your account, to share with any business in your network. (Min 5000 CAS balance is required to participate in the program.)

You’ll be able to track the status of your referrals (pending/ invitation accepted/ KYC in process/ onboarded) in your account.

For 1 Business customer onboarded — Free Cashaa personal account with UK banking feature and Mastercard.

For every consecutive business, you will receive a 150 GBP bonus in your Cashaa account which you can spend through your Mastercard. There is no limit on how many businesses you can refer to us.

For the 1st account: You get the Personal account with UK current account

For the next 4: 150 GBP x 4 = 600 GBP in your bank account and upgraded to Smart Value without any stake.

Ex: You referred 5 businesses.

For the 1st account: You get the Personal account with UK current account.

For the next 4: 150 GBP x 4 = 600 GBP in your account 

This is your chance to help us grow and use the services much before they are launched to the public, and help your business friends get the account they need to grow their business.

Let’s bank our own community together!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Referral Programme for Businesses — Partner with us and bank your Clients!

To know about our referral program for individuals click here.

As our product is maturing we are looking to expand into the numerous innovation hubs around the world, as part of the initiative we have launched the referral program for businesses.

At the recent Malta Blockchain Summit, the largest part of exhibiting businesses included law, accounting, or other providers of various corporate services, looking to attract businesses to their cities. We received huge interest from these firms to partner with us, to bank their clients who are currently struggling to get an account or frustrated with traditional banks.

If you are a complementary business, such as a law/ accounting/ incubators/ accelerators/ coworking spaces/ fundraising platform, helping businesses to grow, come to join our growing banking network!

As our business partner, you would act as our representative in your cities and would be able to help these companies solve their biggest challenge of getting banked. You just have to recommend us to your clients, answer their questions, and help them get on-boarded. For every successfully onboarded business, you would get a referral fee of 500 USD.

We will also sponsor co-branded events and meetups to bring more businesses to come and work with us together in your city to grow your client list, moreover, you can also get the advantage of the global client base and brand which Cashaa is building around the world.

So far, we have received partnership requests from Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Bermuda, Barbados, Mumbai, Hongkong, Paris, Vancouver, and San Francisco, and are in the process to formalize them. We are looking forward to working together and have a greater Cashaa presence in all places that matter in crypto.

Of course, these are just some example places — we are open for businesses anywhere, and if you want to become a partner firm in any city in the world, we would like to hear from you!

Lets together to bank the unbanked communities.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

FAQ — Token Swap, Bonus CAS, and engage on Binance DEX listing!

Great to see so much excitement about our upcoming CAS token swap from ERC20 to BEP2, and the prospect of getting listed on Binance DEX(and possibly more)! Please read the below FAQ before raising a query on the helpdesk.

1. When will the CAS SWAP start?

SWAP will start on 25th June 2019 at 12:00 PM BST on www.cashaa.com

2. How to SWAP my existing CAS (ERC20) token?

You will have to log in to www.cashaa.com, If you do not have an account please register for an account. Click on CAS SWAP option, added on the Menu Bar to access the SWAP page. On CAS SWAP page you will find a CAS ERC-20 address to send your existing CAS token stored in Hardware wallet, Cashaa CMC, MEW, Metamask, or any ERC20 wallet.

If you have tokens stored at the exchange, withdraw them to ( Meta Mask or MEW) before sending them to the SWAP address.

The SWAP ERC20 address is unique for each user, do not send the token to any other address given on the internet or article or shared by any Cashaa support team or anyone claiming any offer for SWAP. (This page will be live on 25th June 12:00 PM BST)

3. What is expected Date to receive SWAPed (CAS-BEP2) Tokens?

The distribution will happen on FCFS ( first come first serve basis), to operational process the distribution will happen in batches. You will receive your expected DateTime in your email. The first batch will be released on 2nd July 2019.

4. Will my token in Cashaa Wallet be automatically swapped?

No, Cashaa CMC is a user-controlled wallet like your Meta Mask or MEW, you have to send the token from your Cashaa CMC wallet to the SWAP address in your account to complete the SWAP.

5. How to SWAP my staked tokens, they are locked in my account?

When you will initiate the SWAP process from the Cashaa CMC Wallet, it will send all your tokens present in your wallet (Staked token for account+ available balance), to the SWAP address automatically. You will receive the equivalent CAS (BEP2) which will automatically get staked back. There will be no change in function on your account or pricing benefit you are getting due to the upgraded plan after staking.

6. How to SWAP spendable CAS?

Spendable CAS is introduced for the user to pay a transaction fee at the Cashaa platform, the amount in your spendable CAS is controlled by Cashaa and automatically will be swapped to CAS (BEP2). You do not have to do anything. The SWAP will have no effect on your spendable CAS balance.

7. How to get the participation bonus for supporting the SWAP?

This only applies, if you participated in the voting process before or on the deadline of 15th July 2019. The address which is eligible for the bonus can be seen here.

Send the tokens to the swapping address given on the website from 25th June onwards. The system will match the address you used to vote and all the incoming transactions and will allocate your bonus tokens.

Please note: The bonus will only be given if the tokens for the SWAP will come from the address from which the vote has been made. DO NOT MOVE TOKENS TO the other address other than the SWAP address.

8. Where will I get my participation bonus?

  • All addresses which participated in the voting are recorded with the number of tokens at the time of closing of votes.
  • After the SWAP is complete, the system will scan the total number of addresses that voted and matches them with the token address that came for the SWAP.
  • Based on the snapshot, every address has already been allocated a certain % of bonus from the pool of 5 Million CAS.
  • The bonus will be only given in the Cashaa wallet, not outside the system.
  • Please note that bonus tokens cannot be moved from the wallet for the next 12 months.

9. Where I can receive the CAS (BEP2)?

You can receive the BEP2 CAS to any wallet address which supports BEP 2 tokens.

Cashaa wallet, Trust, Ledger Nano S, DEX are the recommended wallets.

10. What are the next steps for the Binance DEX listing and how can we help?

We are applying for the Binance DEX listing, which will depend on community voting and engagement. Therefore, we would like to ask you to create a personal account on https://community.binance.org, where you can find the listing proposal here.

11. How can I buy CAS token NOW?
You can buy CAS token after registering on the Cashaa platform. All users who have purchased CAS token after 1st June 2019 will receive directly CAS (BEP2)tokens. No swapping is required for your tokens.

12. What is the last date to complete the SWAP?

The SWAP will continue till 25th Dec 2019 (180 days). From 25th June- 25th
September (90 days), there will be no fee for swapping. After 25th September there will be a fee of 1% or min 50 dollars in CAS tokens as a fee.

Note: All existing ERC 20 tokens can only be used to SWAP with BEP 2 CAS, after 25th Dec, all the tokens which left unclaimed will be burned.

13. When the user will get the lost tokens?

In the case of loss of private key/scammed/hacked cases.

The user who has already applied for their cases with the proof of ownership will be notified if we receive any tokens from the address they have reported. The current owner will be given 30 days to prove the source of the token, in case of such an event. In case of failure to proof, the Cashaa committee made along with Cashaa knights (community members) will make a decision on a case by case basis by reviewing all the facts. In case the reported address did not send the tokens by 25th December, the victim will receive the tokens after presenting its case to the community. Users can expect to get their tokens recovered by 10th Jan 2020 all such cases.

14. Can’t see my deposited ERC 20 CAS transactions on the Cashaa SWAP page?

This will depend on how fast the Ethereum network can complete your transaction. Please pay a higher gas fee, we have noticed that in general, the Ethereum network is running very slow and it can take up to 6–12 hrs to reflect your transaction. You can check the transaction status at https://etherscan.io

Please vote, comment and share, and bring as many fellow Cashaa community members as possible to support the listing as well.

The more support we get in the form of votes and comments, the better our reputation and the faster the listing process will be. This not only applies to the listing on the DEX but also to move from the DEX to the central exchange.

As we have seen many times, most recently in the Blockchain for Business Award with an amazing second place for Kumar, we can achieve everything together!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

When Binance? Now! How to join us in our new chapter!

Congrats to all the participants who exercised their right to CAS token governance. The result is very clear, our community supported our suggestion and voted with an overwhelming YES. Holders of more than 300 Million Tokens have participated in the voting process which ended with 99.2 % who supported the SWAP, while 0.8% were against the SWAP.

This is a great result and we can clearly see that putting the community first is the right decision for Cashaa and that we can advance best if we advance together!

The results including details token numbers can also be seen here.

We would therefore now like to officially announce that the swap is going ahead and we use the SWAP opportunity to migrate the ERC 20 CAS token to Binance Chain. The distribution of Binance chain (BEP2) CAS will start on 25th June. You can also find the CAS asset page on Binance Chain here, for the full list of Binance-based tokens, see here.

Why Binance Chain?

What started from our wish to help some individual community members who lost their tokens from MEW and MetaMask, resulted in the immense opportunity for us to connect to the expanding Binance ecosystem, which means a great sign of appreciation for us, and which was the main reason for us to choose the Binance Chain.

Other advantages of the Binance Chain include its speed, security, ease of use, efficiency, as well as the advantage of us still being one of the first adopters and pioneers to make use of this opportunity. Furthermore, as you know, Binance over the past years had an outstanding, impressive success story and has become one of the most well-known names in the crypto space, which leads to further trust for us as a business to partner with them.

Now we have the answer to ‘When Binance?’, but not only concerning a potential token listing but an ongoing collaboration that will result in the greater good for the crypto community. We are proud to be able to contribute to the Binance ecosystem with our highly-in-demand business accounts, being able to also bank every business building on Binance chain.

The Binance DEX

Our token listing process on Binance DEX will start soon, to join the first generation of tokens which are traded at one of the most sophisticated decentralized exchanges in the world. To set up your DEX account you can follow this tutorial.

Community support is very important for the listing process, Binance just announced that projects with the highest support on DEX will be also listed without any fee on Binance.com.

As CAS is among the few utility tokens in the world which are needed for more than speculative purposes, you can currently buy CAS tokens through the Cashaa platform by bank transfer/credit and debit cards/crypto for your needs.

How to swap your tokens?

  • Create an account on https://www.cashaa.com and click on “Swap CAS”
  • Transfer existing (ERC-20) CAS to the given ERC 20 address displayed on the page.

(You have to do this even if you hold CAS in Cashaa wallet, to be reminded Cashaa is a decentralized wallet and we can’t do anything until you initialize the transfer)

  • Once you made the deposit, you have the option to receive Binance Chain (BEP2) CAS in either your Cashaa wallet address (BNB chain address) or any other wallet supporting BNB Chain (for the list of compatible wallets, see here.)
  • If you decide to receive it in your Cashaa wallet, select ‘open a BNB wallet’ and enter the Binance chain address displayed in your account.

We will release the new tokens in batches to optimize the distribution cost, so please do not worry if you do not receive your tokens right away. You will receive an email when the batch is ready to send the tokens with tx id and the amount.

While multiple wallets are compatible with the BEP2 token, we advise you to make sure you store it as safely as possible — in the Cashaa wallet but do have the 2FA in place.

We are excited for the times ahead, looking forward to joining the Binance ecosystem including their businesses and community members. This is not only a new chapter for CAS token but also a promising new chapter for all of our journeys in Cashaa together!

For more information on the next steps including the Binance DEX voting and listing process, see our FAQ here.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform