How to swap token from you MEW wallet ?

Step 1: You will have to log in to and Access My Wallet.


Step 2: Please Click on Software section to log in.


Step 3: Select a Private Key and Continue.


Step 4: Enter your Private Key and Click on Access Wallet.


Step 5: Once you open your dashboard, you have to change the drop down from ETH to CAS.


Step 6: Take CAS Swap Address from Cashaa Portal.

Step 7: Enter your CAS Swap Address in MEW To Address text box, copied from Cashaa Portal and enter the Amount.


Step 8Your transaction will be successful and to check your transaction you can click on the Check Status on

Warning: Always take the SWAP address from your Cashaa account. SWAP address is unique for each user, tokens send to address not listed in your account can lead to permanent loss of the tokens.


For any help, you can raise a helpdesk ticket.

Thank You

The Cashaa Team

How to SWAP ERC20 CAS to BEP2 CAS ?

Step 1: Please login into, If you do not have an account please register for an Account. 


Step 2: Click on the CAS SWAP section from Menu Bar. You will find CAS ERC20 address to send your existing CAS token.



Step 3: Token transferred to CAS ERC 2o Address, will be reflected on CAS SWAP Page and on the same page you can see transaction History 

The equivalent amount of CAS( BEP2) will be released on your BNB Wallet.


Step 4: Receiving Wallet is a section which supports Binance wallet. Select your preferred ‘Receiving Wallet’.


  • If you select Cashaa Wallet and Submit. CAS BEP 2 token will be received in your Cashaa Wallet.

Warring: If your BNB address is not generated. Follow the instructions to generate.


  • You can select trust wallet from the dropdown and enter your BNB Address and Submit.


  • Similarly, you can use Ledger Nano S to store the tokens. Enter your BNB Address and Submit.


  • If you have Binance Dex Account you can enter Binance Dex Address and Submit.


  • If you have any other BNB wallet, other than this wallet then you can select Other from the dropdown and enter you BNB Address and Submit.


Your process is complete and you can see your selected wallet.


For any help, you can raise a helpdesk ticket.

Thank You