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Dear Cashaa Family,

The first month of the new year is already over! After launching the first part of our wallet, we are now getting close to launching the second part and reaching our next milestone!

Exciting times, see what we’ve been up to in January!

Product & Partnership Updates

We have now surpassed 2000 users, businesses and individuals, who have opened a CMC wallet since we launched 2 months ago!

We have had further meetings with our partners in London to finalise our cards programme, add further partners, as well as to schedule the launch of our IBAN accounts, about which we’ll provide further details later this month in our weekly AMAs, where we’re explaining all you need to know on our products including CMC wallet, Cashaa Exchange, Cashaa API as well as IBAN account.

For more details what to expect from each session and how to join, check here; to see our promotional video, click here.

More updates coming on our new website, which is scheduled to be launched on 14 February. Meanwhile, make sure you have checked out our presentation and whitepaper.

On the exchange side, we are working on a new exchange partner to list CAS, stay tuned! For our current list of exchanges, see here.


Our team was invited to present at 3 events this month, starting with our Co-Founder & VP Marketing, Janina, who participated in the MKB Fintech Challenge selection camp, 9–11 January, Budapest, where she presented how Hungary’s leading Digital Bank can benefit of Cashaa.

Among 20 participants of the selection camp, Cashaa was selected for the MKB Fintechlab Programme starting in March 2019. While at first, the offer was connected to an investment, we are now able to decide separately on this, while in any case being invited to the program. We are awaiting further details, before deciding on posting a team member for 12 weeks to Budapest.

Our 19 January, our Chief Product Officer presented an outlook on 2019 blockchain trends at the StartAP festival, a major conference in the State of Andhra Pradesh which has taken an early lead in implementing blockchain technology and building a well-known community in its Fintech Valley Vizag.

Eventually, on 24th, Kumar was invited to speak on scalability at the Trustless Ecosystems event in London, see here. It was great to catch up with our London community and present them where we are!

Community Updates

We have updated our knights program, which now includes rewards for approved articles inside or outside Cashaa Medium — 6,000 CAS were rewarded for articles overall, the 2 articles of the month including:

The balancing act of a crypto startup and An ever-decreasing supply

Make sure you check them out!

Additionally, for January’s community members of the month, we rewarded 18,000 CAS.

As always, a big thanks to all, keep up the good work!

We are looking forward to what February has in store and to an ongoing great journey together! Thanks again to all for your ideas and valuable input in various areas!

Team Cashaa

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