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Former Journalist & Communication Expert Arnab joins Cashaa

Cashaa is emerging as one of the leading players in neo banking whose mission is to provide easy to use banking services for old and new currencies. The concept of allowing users to seamlessly manage fiat and crypto was brought up by serial entrepreneur Kumar Gaurav along with a strong workforce of the best, brightest, […]

Cashaa raises $5 Million for global expansion

Initiating our global expansion plan, covering losses from Delhi OTC hack and applying for the highest certifications of CyberSecurity 1. We are proudly announcing the raise of USD 5 million from Dubai firm O1ex 2. Coming focus on expansion in India by being first neo bank to deal with crypto. 3. Funds are SAFU, we will […]

Letter from Kumar: Our journey is about to begin in 2020, We are excited about the next stage!

Letter from the CEO to the community Cashaa has become the biggest crypto-friendly neo-bank, providing services to hundreds of businesses in the crypto industry, thanks to our partners such as PaySafe Group, financial institutions regulated by the FCA and the Central Bank of Lithuania, who helped us validate our model and trusted us to onboard […]

Final Call to Migrate Cashaa wallet before 20 August 2020!

Despite multiple emails from Cashaa notifying you to migrate your Cashaa account from decentralised platform to centralised, there are many users who haven’t migrated yet. Cashaa once again extends the deadline to 20 August 2020 to facilitate all such users to complete migration who haven’t migrated till date. Please be informed that for all users […]

Cashaa will release the lately swapped tokens in August 2020 without any deduction!

Hello All, Cashaa has moved from ERC20 to BEP2 platform in 2019 and have requested all CAS holders to swap the CAS tokens from ERC20 to BEP2 platform before 25 December 2019. Majority of the users have swapped their CAS tokens in time and have got their swapped tokens with them. Some of the CAS […]

Cashaa India OTC Bitcoin Hack Update Follow up

Cashaa is a crypto-friendly neo-bank based in London providing banking to businesses. Cashaa is also dealing with Bitcoin OTC operations and working with all major exchanges and HNI in India with local partners.    Please explain the hack in detail, what made it possible and how did it happen. A cyberattack occurred on a vulnerable […]