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October Community AMA Wrap-up

Thanks to all who joined on Sunday to get the latest updates of all that’s happened recently.  The AMA started with a recap of our achievements in the past quarter, July-September 2019, which marked a number of milestones.   July-September 2019 Recap   We have launched our multisig crypto-wallet with a UK current account and […]

We care for all our community members- Quarterly Staking update

In our last quarter, we made our first revenue and as a community-focused company, we want to share this moment in a sustainable way with as many Cashaa members as possible. Initially, the decision was made that users who will complete the on-chain staking by 25th August, will be able to share the monthly collection […]

Cashaa distributed first staking reward to its personal users

We are progressing rapidly with our coming milestones and are working hard to onboard more businesses with our pre-compliance team, see here. With now over 700 businesses signed up, we have come a long way, having started with UK Current accounts, soon adding Euro IBAN and the US Checking accounts, advancing Cashaa to become a […]

September Community AMA Wrap-up

Kumar started the session by thanking everyone who joined the AMA, and those who submitted their questions in the form. We believe the AMA was very useful to all and we wanted to also give the latest updates to the rest of the Cashaa community who couldn’t make it.    Carl Jolley: How long does […]

Cashaa formed a pre-compliance team to increase the bank account opening acceptance rate for crypto companies

Crypto-related businesses are always underserved by banks all over the world. Small countries with relaxed regulations like Malta, Cyprus, etc. might be seen as a friendly destination, but on the ground, the reality is the same and the risk of banking is much higher due to weak administration.  Cashaa’s mission is to provide a secure and […]

Learn about us and win $10,000 in CAS on twitter and Binance DEX telegram

Having access to the existing banking system is the biggest problem all crypto companies in the world are facing. Even the giant of industry like Coinbase is not able to save its self from banking problems. Cashaa has solved it. Yes, you heard it correctly. Crypto-related businesses are underserved by banks and our goal was […]