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Buy/Sell Crypto & Fiat assets directly on Cashaa platform

Now in just 3 simple click, user will be able to convert their asset without waiting for the order book to fill out or for bids to get filled to complete the transaction. Our Convert feature is user-friendly even for new users, especially compared to spot exchange trading. You only need to learn how to […]

Cashaa Earn – Get up to 24% Interest on your Deposit’s

Supercharge Your Deposits Whether you’re saving $1,000 or $1 million, Cashaa Earn helps you maximize the earning power of your assets to help you generate a safe, secure passive income. How to participate?  Follow these simple steps and start earning up to 24% compounding interest on your idle fiat & crypto assets: 1. Login to your […]

UPDATE: The Journey of Building CashaaFi

Cashaa is making significant progress on our journey to build a complete ecosystem for businesses, consumers, banks, and financial institutions to manage fiat and digital currency on a simple, secure and regulated platform.    Cashaa, along with its billion dollar market cap partners, is building a unique product that will be in high demand by […]

Official marketing update: the road to building a world-class marketing team

I personally want to tell you a bit about what is going on behind the scenes regarding Cashaa marketing. We were coming from a situation where there was no systematic marketing. This was only 17 days ago. Since then things have dramatically changed. If we want to build a world-known brand that leads in the […]

Roadmap update 2021: Personal account services are postponed 

Release of Personal account services are postponed  Cashaa has been at the frontier of crypto-friendly banking, since the time we have issued the first UK current accounts in August 2019 in the same month when Barclays shut down the banking services for Coinbase in the UK.  We have never looked back since then and today […]

Do you know you can stake CAS to get 30% APY? 

To celebrate the launch of our upcoming personal accounts with the USD Dollar services, Cashaa has committed a total of up to $10 Million USD in CAS tokens. Website: Platform.cashaa.com Terms and conditions Login to your Cashaa account and stake CAS.  If you don’t have a Cashaa account, click here to open a Cashaa account. […]