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December AMA Wrapup

Thanks to all who joined our AMA on Sunday and submitted their questions. Kumar started by answering the questions below, before answering live questions. When will aggressive marketing for INR begin? We are expecting to start Coinmarketcap ads around 7–8 December (the official date to start marketing is 16 December). We will target Coinmarketcap visitors […]

Crypto-friendly banking service Cashaa added USD bank accounts

We are announcing the launch of US Dollar bank accounts for crypto businesses in partnership with Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Starting from 25th November, cryptocurrencies and other high-risk businesses can apply for US Dollar accounts with full banking features from anywhere in the world, except for sanctioned countries, through Cashaa. “As our world is changing, new […]

Cashaa November AMA Wrapup

Thanks to everyone who joined the AMA and contributed to the Q&A Session. We had primarily focused on our roadmap and related questions in this AMA. A lot has happened since we enabled Indian residents to buy crypto with INR. With our press release, which has been picked up by the media, we have received […]

Congrats to the Indian Crypto community! Buy Bitcoin with Indian Rupee

Cashaa’s mission is to provide a secure and stable banking experience for the crypto community and any business or individual that has been underserved by traditional banks. To know about our latest developments you can read the October AMA with Kumar Gaurav, CEO Cashaa. In July 2019, more than 5 Million Crypto users in India […]

October Community AMA Wrap-up

Thanks to all who joined on Sunday to get the latest updates of all that’s happened recently.  The AMA started with a recap of our achievements in the past quarter, July-September 2019, which marked a number of milestones.   July-September 2019 Recap   We have launched our multisig crypto-wallet with a UK current account and […]

We care for all our community members- Quarterly Staking update

In our last quarter, we made our first revenue and as a community-focused company, we want to share this moment in a sustainable way with as many Cashaa members as possible. Initially, the decision was made that users who will complete the on-chain staking by 25th August, will be able to share the monthly collection […]