What Cashaa account can do ?

What is Cashaa ?

Cashaa is the largest crypto-friendly neo-bank providing services to hundreds of businesses from the crypto industry. We are growing more than 200% month by month and on a mission to become a first choice “better than the bank” for the business and individuals who are dealing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our partners include Paysafe Group and many other financial institutions regulated by the FCA, Central Bank of Lithuania, and Colorado Division of Banking who helped us to build our first products.

“Crypto-related businesses and users who want to adopt bitcoin are underserved by banks. Our goal is to create a hassle-free experience for anyone who wants to join the crypto revolution.” Kumar Gaurav, CEO Cashaa


Our current products for business:

  1. UK current account with Sort code
  2. Euro IBAN account
  3. USD Checking account
  4. Card acquiring (Accept credit and debit card at your website to sell cryptocurrencies)
  5. Broker wallet with crypto exchange

Our current products for Personal use:

  1. Crypto and Fiat wallet with the exchange.
  2. Fiat deposit and withdrawal for Pounds, Euro, and US dollar.
  3. Crypto deposit and withdrawals for BTC, CAS, ETH & USDT.

Upcoming Products (Q3 2020):

  1. Cashaa integrated banking platform with crypto and fiat
  2. Personal “better than the bank” accounts