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Roadmap update 2021: Personal account services are postponed 

Release of Personal account services are postponed  Cashaa has been at the frontier of crypto-friendly banking, since the time we have issued the first UK current accounts in August 2019 in the same month when Barclays shut down the banking services for Coinbase in the UK.  We have never looked back since then and today […]

Do you know you can stake CAS to get 30% APY? 

To celebrate the launch of our upcoming personal accounts with the USD Dollar services, Cashaa has committed a total of up to $10 Million USD in CAS tokens. Website: Platform.cashaa.com Terms and conditions Login to your Cashaa account and stake CAS.  If you don’t have a Cashaa account, click here to open a Cashaa account. […]

How to pay your fee in CAS while doing a Transaction/Conversion on the new platform

Please ​login on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps to pay the fee in CAS while converting your fiat/crypto in your Cashaa wallet. When you come on the Convert page, you will see your fee in your native. For eg: in GBP. Refer to the image below. To change the fee in CAS  please follow the […]

Cashaa launches the world’s first global crypto-friendly banking platform

Cashaa builts its own internet banking platform to serve businesses worldwide after securing all the requisite permissions. It is also pleased to announce the launch of its crypto-friendly neo banking platform for the UK, Europe, and the USA. 

Trade CAS directly from Cashaa Wallet on Binance DEX

Dear User, “CAS” next-generation banking token got direct access to the national payment systems on a decentralised network. Now all CAS holders can buy and sell CAS directly from the Cashaa wallet. No more complex Binance DEX registration Buy CAS directly in GBP, Euro and INR  Sell CAS directly for GBP, Euro and INR  With […]

Quarterly bonus program is no longer applicable from 31st March 2020

The quarterly bonus program is no longer applicable from 31st March 2020 Dear Cashaa users, Cashaa is going to launch its banking product for personal users and we are happy to announce that the team will be releasing the product details in the coming week. After launching our business account, we had to work hard […]