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Quarterly bonus program is no longer applicable from 31st March 2020

The quarterly bonus program is no longer applicable from 31st March 2020 Dear Cashaa users, Cashaa is going to launch its banking product for personal users and we are happy to announce that the team will be releasing the product details in the coming week. After launching our business account, we had to work hard […]

MXC Exchange Listing- Last 24 hrs remaining to complete the CAS deposit

MXC Exchange Listing- Last 24 hrs remaning to complete the CAS deposit MXC exchange, is top 3 largest exchange, with a daily volume of more than $ 3 Billion USD. MXC has launched a deposit campaign for Cashaa (CAS). If you want Cashaa to get listed on MXC you have to vote now.Dear Community, The campaign […]

Why is CAS “Cashaa” required for every crypto holder ?

Cashaa is a “new age bank” where we welcome crypto lovers. Based in London, we have created a unique solution to serve the banking needs of individuals and businesses who want to use the new money without cutting themselves from the existing banks. This innovation would never have been possible without our community bonded with […]

We care for all our community members- Quarterly Staking update

In our last quarter, we made our first revenue and as a community-focused company, we want to share this moment in a sustainable way with as many Cashaa members as possible. Initially, the decision was made that users who will complete the on-chain staking by 25th August, will be able to share the monthly collection […]

Cashaa distributed first staking reward to its personal users

We are progressing rapidly with our coming milestones and are working hard to onboard more businesses with our pre-compliance team, see here. With now over 700 businesses signed up, we have come a long way, having started with UK Current accounts, soon adding Euro IBAN and the US Checking accounts, advancing Cashaa to become a […]

Update on CAS BEP 2 release of Tuesday, 20 August 2019

To be notified that 22 addresses who are expected to receive swapped CAS Bep2 today have been postponed for tmr at 12:30 PM BST. 0xF4A35Ed16B3Fcc3FeFF4c7916FeB2979977218E7 0x64c78FD98CE9632d3Cd3F4469f3bA87f55353BFd 0x36BE106606bf101c702804D34F66bC7b09dE4C2F 0xB1757Fff3C1ebAd6D83A5642E8e57e44625da1dC 0x310BF09956Fa13cD77B69274180e59eC23f06Eb0 0x69847472b9b6D9AE141f6b9d6af51765f652f55D 0x86dABC92AD4a507F42630305F76D61e11D4E5D45 0xDe3a7300eee7DA844cf42469e053000c7356619C 0xcD5ACfC48D66D66cD3943B379De03A14b612c1B9 0x854e40A8FF24A53E35076f20cC3bafD711d7a37D 0x2B2FC6035925E624346D994906D626b9AB5b99C6 0x0e76C97c936E742D2bbCB09DE0456F52bddE727b 0x81590cFF274871E55FaBA115cb480E7c5B575948 0x1F4AFf2f955763db36F02a44a3D7078630C214dB 0x3a2BbcF33e4143a7A569CB1EE6c5eA7dF585D2b7 0xD90d197C1A4e54c05cCD5f368a78c6B1dE57d20E 0x732C627C9ed5033161e24f1700342b7722095703 0xD28aEDa45dAa9e931771bf1f2A0a48fabD13B725 0xAEDa2781a9591EF825861D5077bAd98dc9FfEbb6 0x15F993111F1a48A9EA1A8e48Fb3aFFf2264fdC5C 0x5DA3cf947d0030B0A64f3E0EA59F0C7e2Bb08bBf For more upcoming dates please visit https://help.cashaa.com/knowledgebase/cas-bep2-token-release-trading-all-you-need-to-know-2/