Article Important update to Indian users; Crypto is winner in RBIvsCrypto case in Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India has struck off Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) banking ban against #Crypto. The Court held that RBI Circular dated 6th April 2018 is unconstitutional.  Indian Website: Less than 6 months ago Cashaa launched its peer to peer INR service in India. With the support of our Indian OTC traders and […]

Article Safest, cheapest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin In India with unlimited liquidity

Thanks for supporting our launch in India and we are proud to say that in less than 2 months we have become the safest, fastest and a low-cost Bitcoin exchange with the highest liquidity in India.  To build our solution we had to understand the pain which the current Indian crypto community is going through. […]

Article Cashaa reduced its fees by more than 50% for its Indian crypto users as volume grows above a Million USD

We are excited to announce we reduced our fees by more than 50% for our Indian crypto users as volume grows to a Million USD. We started by providing UK current accounts with Mastercard to transact up to 1 Billion GBP in each account. Recently, we also started US Dollar accounts for our clients while the Euro […]

Article August AMA Wrap-Up

Cashaa is a UK-based banking platform dedicated to banking crypto businesses, of which 99% are underbanked. Although our products are suitable for other industries as well, we needed to first focus on an industry in which we have easy access to clients. Banking with Cashaa is completely safe – when you look at how Cashaa […]

Article CAS Swap Voting FAQ

Our voting on the CAS token swap has started and will run until 15th June 2019 12:00 PM GMT, or if holders of more than 370 Million CAS tokens have voted for any one option. Please read our previous article HERE for all details on the voting mechanism, and also have a read through the following FAQ: What to do […]

Article Cashaa’s CMC wallet — all you need to know from our first AMA session!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s AMA with Kumar! Our first session was focused on our main product, our CMC wallet. For all those who couldn’t attend, here’s what it all was about — you can also access the presentation HERE. Cashaa`s Multisig Compliance Wallet Just in the past days, an exchange’s user funds worth 190 […]