Answer Answer for miss

Hello, This can be a miss understanding that if you are not able to login your account is tampered. But, the old website is made obsolete and people have to create account on new website. Please read below. Please be informed that you need to register/open an account on the new website with the same […]

Answer Answer for Details (wallet-addres, KYC) from ICO and POS no longer visible?

Please be informed that you need to register/open an account on the new website with the same email id you had registered on Cashaa ICO website.  Once you register and login, please open the profile section where you can see your information under the account related information tab. Also, please be informed that the address […]

Article Why Cashaa?

Cashaa is a one-stop solution to store old money and new money. With exclusive features to convert your crypto assets to fiat and vice versa, Cashaa adds value to your total asset portfolio by enabling financial freedom to everyone who onboards. Cashaa is a pioneer in providing multiple IBANs to users based upon their requirement, […]

Article Why should I use cashaa Exchange?

Cashaa has following competitive advantages. 1.One account for store, convert digital assets and transfer across the globe to any crypto wallet. 2.Removes auditing and accounting issues with one single transactional account. 3.High liquidity due to integration with multiple exchanges. 4.No Fee for Cashaa community members. 5.Multiple payment options including Cashaa IBAN accounts, Bank transfer or […]

Glossary FTP

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a client-server protocol for transferring files. It is one way to download files, and the most common way to upload files to a server. An FTP client is a program which can download files from, or upload files to, an FTP server. You may need to use an FTP […]

Glossary CGI

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a specification for server-side communication scripts designed to transfer information between a web server and a web-client (browser). Typically, HTML pages that collect data via forms use CGI programming to process the form data once the client submits it.