Article Cashaa selected as Finalist at the Hard Fork Pitch Battle!

Dear Cashaa Family, We are excited to inform you all that our Co-founder & VP Marketing, Janina Lowisz will be representing us at Hard Fork Decentralized, a 3-day conference taking place all over London from 12–14 December 2018. Hard Fork Decentralized is organized by The Next Web, a tech media company that started in 2006 and whose sections include news, conferences, […]

Article Fortune Asia 2018-Kumar awarded top CIO by the Global CIO Forum!

Dear Cashaa Family, This month is set to include a series of influential events for us! While being invited to speak at Unleash Blockchain Conference, Amsterdam from 10 -11 December 2018 and Hard Fork Decentralized, from 12–14 December 2018, we yesterday addressed our community at Fortune Asia 2018 on 5 December 2018 in Mumbai. Fortune Asia 2018 was an event organized […]

Article The Future of Financial Services — Meet Archit Aggarwal speaking at Blockchain Summit Mumbai!

Dear Friends, Another great event is coming up, this time in Mumbai! 14 February, you`ll have the chance to meet our Chief Product Officer Archit Aggarwal at Blockchain Summit Mumbai! Unicom’s Blockchain Summit Mumbai is a power-packed day with a range of professional expert speakers and over 100 delegates from Finance, regulation, industry, computer science and more, to discuss the […]

Article Crypto Businesses, look no further, UK Current Accounts are here for you!

One of the main problems which led to the foundation of Cashaa was the gap between traditional systems and cryptocurrencies. Crypto companies, which frequently have as a goal to bank the unbanked, are struggling to open bank accounts for themselves. Especially smaller companies related to cryptocurrency get rejected by traditional banks, including in the US […]

Article Join us at the Summer HI Tech Festival 2019 in London!

Cocoon Global’s popular HI Tech Festival is back! After the China-UK HI Tech Festival during London Tech Week, where Janina participated in a panel, she got invited to speak again at the coming Summer HI Tech Festival — Tech for All. This packed one-day conference is part of the Panda Innovation Series that takes place 7–8 times a year at Cocoon Global in […]