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You can Contact our¬†Support Team via :   Message: for all account related questions and issues, send a new ticket request to our support team from helpdesk section in the dashboard. For security purposes, please send the request from your Cashaa-linked email address. Facebook page: for general inquiries and feedback, check our Facebook page. You […]

Article I am launching an ICO/STO but I don’t have funds to lock CAS token for the Premier Plan. What should I do?

Cashaa always supports Entrepreneurs & Startups. How does it work? 1.Create a business account with Cashaa 2. Contact our support team with a brief about your business. 3. Our team will evaluate your product and post-approval you will be sent an account opening agreement via email. 4. You will get a Cashaa banking API which […]

Glossary QuickTag

A Quicktag is a shortcut, or one-click button, that inserts HTML code into your posts. The <em> (emphasis) and </em> (stop emphasis) HTML tags are example of Quicktags. Some Quicktags, such as <!–contactform–>, insert HTML comment code that is used by plugins to replace text or perform certain actions.

Glossary Microformats

Microformats provide a way for programs to read certain information in web pages without making the pages look any different to humans. They add semantics to the generic HTML markup in order for these programs to understand the meaning of specific parts of a web page content which is better recognized by humans. For example, […]