Question I have some more CAS ERC-20 , if i send to swap now how long will it take to swap? And can i change to a new ledger bnb address?

We are releasing swap tokens in weekly batches if you have completed all the procedure you will get your tokens when batch will release. Also, once the wallet is selected you can not change your BNB address.

Article How to migrate your Cashaa wallet from Decentralised to Centralised Wallet

Cashaa has extended the deadline of migration of the Cashaa wallet 20 July 2020. Please check below to understand how the migration is performed in a Cashaa wallet. Step 1: The migration popup would be visible in the user’s account which is not migrated yet as below. Users have to click the Click Here button […]

Article Migration of Cashaa wallet to centralised wallet is extended till 20 July 2020.

We all know that Cashaa platform has been moved to centralised platform saying bye to the decentralised wallet to strengthen its banking features. As announced priorly, we had given a deadline to migrate all the users’ accounts to centralised wallet until 30 June 2020. But, 2 days past the deadline, we are still receiving support […]

Article Deposit and withdrawal fees for fiat and crypto

National currencies: Currency Symbol Deposit fees Withdrawal fees Min Deposit Limit (Without fees) Indian Rupee INR ₹0.00 ₹100.00 ₹10,000.00 Euro EURO €0.00/€10 €5.00 €1,000.00 Pounds GBP £0.00/£2.5 £2.50 £1,000.00 US Dollars USD $0 $2 No limit Crypto assets: Asset Symbol Deposit fees Withdrawal fees Bitcoin BTC 0 0.0005 Ether ETH 0 0.005 Cashaa CAS 0 […]