Answer Answer for I have an Ecommerce website . Which business account plan would you recommend?

Thank you for posting your question here, At Cashaa, business accounts are of two types based upon the plans the businesses choose. They are: Merchant account, which includes Advance & Premier plans, andCorporate account, which includes Smart Value & Basic plans.                              […]

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Knowledge Base: You can find all our announcements and updates, there is a high chance that your query will get resolved if you are following the updates. New Support Ticket: For all account-related questions raise a support ticket from the helpdesk section in the dashboard or click here.   If you want to send us Gift […]

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A subscriber may refer to a user role in WordPress. Usually the subscriber user role has very limited capabilities. Unless the default capabilities are changed, the subscriber user role is the most limited out of all the WordPress user roles. They can create and maintain their profile on a WordPress website, but they can not […]