Article Why Cashaa?

Cashaa is a one-stop solution to store old money and new money. With exclusive features to convert your crypto assets to fiat and vice versa, Cashaa adds value to your total asset portfolio by enabling financial freedom to everyone who onboards. Cashaa is a pioneer in providing multiple IBANs to users based upon their requirement, […]

Article Why should I use cashaa Exchange?

Cashaa has following competitive advantages. 1.One account for store, convert digital assets and transfer across the globe to any crypto wallet. 2.Removes auditing and accounting issues with one single transactional account. 3.High liquidity due to integration with multiple exchanges. 4.No Fee for Cashaa community members. 5.Multiple payment options including Cashaa IBAN accounts, Bank transfer or […]

Page Contact Us

Knowledge Base: You can find all our announcements and updates, there is a high chance that your query will get resolved if you are following the updates. New Support Ticket: For all account-related questions raise a support ticket from the helpdesk section in the dashboard or click here.   If you want to send us Gift […]

Glossary Page

A Page is often used to present “static̶1; information about yourself or your site. A good example of a Page is information you would place on an About Page. A Page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects called posts. Pages are typically “timeless̶1; in nature and live “outside̶1; your blog. The word “page̶1; […]

Glossary Mac OS X

Mac OS X is an operating system specifically for modern Macintosh computers. The operating system was commercially released in 2001. It consists of two main parts: Darwin, an open source Unix-like environment which is based on the BSD source tree and the Mach microkernel, adapted and further developed by Apple Computer with involvement from independent […]

Glossary IP address

An IP address is a unique number (e.g. assigned to a computer (or other internet-capable information appliance, such as a network printer) to enable it to communicate with other devices using the Internet Protocol. It is a computerR17;s identity on the internet, and every computer connected to the internet is assigned at least one […]

Glossary Hack

A hack is a bit of code written to customize or extend the functionality of a software product. Older versions of WordPress used a hack-based extension system, but versions 1.2 and above of WordPress use a Plugin API with hooks for extensions.

Glossary Domain name

A domain name is a name used for identification purposes on the Internet. In WordPress a domain name usually identifies a server where WordPress is installed. To make this work, the InternetR17;s domain name system (DNS) maps the domain name to a serverR17;s IP address. For example, the domain name maps to the IP […]

Glossary Database version

In WordPress, a database version is a number that increases every time changes are made to the way WordPress organizes the data in its database. It is not the same as the version of the database software, MySQL or MariaDB. For example, the database version in WordPress 3.3 was 19470, and the database version in […]

Glossary Character Set

A character set is a collection of symbols (letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters), when used together, represent meaningful words in a language. Computers use an encoding scheme so members of a character set are stored with a numeric value (e.g. 0=A, 1=B, 2=C, 3=D). In addition, a collation determines the order (i.e alphabetic) to […]