Answer Answer for Cashaa CMC wallet looks quiet similar to Bitgo. Is there monthly fees for businesses to use it?

Cashaa doesnR17;t charge any monthly fee to use CMC wallet.Also businesses registered before 31st Dec will also be not be charged any setup fee.We are worldR17;s first company to provide Highly Secure & Compliant Digital Wallet for businesses.For more details click here.

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A Page is often used to present “static̶1; information about yourself or your site. A good example of a Page is information you would place on an About Page. A Page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects called posts. Pages are typically “timeless̶1; in nature and live “outside̶1; your blog. The word “page̶1; […]

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Mac OS X is an operating system specifically for modern Macintosh computers. The operating system was commercially released in 2001. It consists of two main parts: Darwin, an open source Unix-like environment which is based on the BSD source tree and the Mach microkernel, adapted and further developed by Apple Computer with involvement from independent […]

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An IP address is a unique number (e.g. assigned to a computer (or other internet-capable information appliance, such as a network printer) to enable it to communicate with other devices using the Internet Protocol. It is a computerR17;s identity on the internet, and every computer connected to the internet is assigned at least one […]