Why i can no longer log into my cashaa account

DiscussWhy i can no longer log into my cashaa account
Gideon Ihentuge asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
janina answered 4 years ago

Cashaa has come up with a new website on 28 November 2018. 
Please be informed that you need to register/open an account on the new website with the same email id you had registered on Cashaa ICO website.  
Once you register and login, please open the profile section where you can see your information under the account related information tab.
Also, please be informed that the address in your new account is newly generated.
This will not have any CAS tokens.
However, the old address of yours will have the tokens you were holding.
If you wish to store them securely with enhanced security, you can transfer your CAS tokens from old address to your new Cashaa CMC wallet.