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Muhammad Morshed asked 5 months ago


I’m an undergraduate student doing a dissertation on Database Systems used in Blockchain Technology and as part of my research I was hoping I could conduct a brief questionnaire, looking into what type of blockchain database technology is used by your company and the characteristics considered important in using blockchain technology.

I believe the research could be useful in providing an understanding of what characteristics companies value in blockchain database technology and ultimately contribute towards an increased awareness of the usefulness of blockchain solutions.

I would greatly appreciate it if a representative of your company could take the time out to fill out my questionnaire.

Yours Faithfully,

Muhammad Morshed
Computing Student
Sheffield Hallam University
United Kingdom

vaibhavee replied 6 months ago

Thank you for writing to us. It’ll be our pleasure to be part of your survey and help you with the needed answers.
please send your questions to hello@cashaa.com . we will be able to answer you better on that platform.