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Mr_richards asked 3 years ago

hi cashaa,
my question may seem strange or off topic but I think it is necessary and interesting.

Most experts say there will be a stock market crash, 
I would like to know if cashaa has a backup plan? 
or that the CAS token has a role to play minimized the impact that there may be of such an event.

I think there are many people who are asking this question and that if cashaa responds to a solution,
it will have a much greater impact on their integration into society.

Thank you for reading my question.

1 Answers
janina answered 3 years ago

Cashaa is a utility token which enables users to buy & sell cryptocurrencies at a discounted Price.
Staking CAS token also helps in increasing the exchange limit.

We believe any token which is backed by a service, used by thousands of Active users, will have no major impact with respect to market trends.