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Khayrul asked 3 years ago

Please advise me recently I came across some one who ask me to invest in BTC mining through peer to peer ,I happen to invest little amount and they transfered some BTC as non spendable amount. Now they are asking me that more profit has been generated in computer so I should purchase a private key worth of 700 USD.Now this logic sounds to me very strange and I am not very familiar with such terms like non spendable BTC, Private key,etc. Please advise me what should be done. Thanks. Regards.

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janina answered 3 years ago

It feels like you get a victim of some kind of mining Scam. 
The private key is the key using which you spend your Bitcoin. You can create a Cashaa or account to create a Bitcoin address and ask the person to send the Bitcoin there.
Please note if you decided to create a Cashaa account and generated the Bitcoin address you will receive a pdf with a private key, please keep it secure in the case to recover your Cashaaa account in case you forget your password.