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Rowena Inovejas asked 3 years ago

I am want of your agents and I am handling The Change,we paid for the set up fee for a bank account but My skype shutdown and i wasnt able to save the skype of the man Iused to work with cashaa.Kindly update me with whats going on for the bank account we opened with IBANERA,my email address used to be highriskconsultant@outlook.com and same with my skype but it was shutdown because of virus.Kindly contact me with my email address at highriskspecialist120273@outlook.com.
thank you,
Rowena Inovejas

1 Answers
janina answered 3 years ago

You can use the below calendar link to schedule a meeting with the Onboarding team. https://cal.mixmax.com/architaggarwal-626/meetingtype_358