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Hello Good Sir,
Can you tell me what exactly casha is and what are the the buy and sell limits of buying bitcoin on a uk account?
 Are these real provided online bank accounts?  Do you have bank branch locations? 
thankyou for reaching out to me,
Brenan Gomez.

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janina answered 3 years ago

Hello Mr. Gomez,

Thank you for contactin Cashaa.

Cashaa works as an Uber or Airbnb model where we do not hold customer funds and let that part done by retail banks, clearing banks, acquiring bank, corporate banks, principal members around the world working with us. While we focus on making sure no matter how big your business we always have a solution for your banking needs.
Your GBP account will be held under our trusted partner Enumis, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for EMI (FRN 900028) and for Consumer Credit (FRN 724110), linked with the which is the largest clearing bank in the UK.

For USD services we are linked with FDIC insured private Banks based in New York, and for EUR we are linked with Financial institution in Lithuania similarly, we have an arrangement for other currencies. We are working on integrating our systems for AUD, NZD  and a few more currencies.

We have applied for AISP/PISP licenses which will allow us in the future to fetch information from any European bank and to manage any bank account directly from our platform.

Have a nice day.