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DyKarN asked 3 years ago

How were we informed about the swap? I did not receive an email – I would’ve participated if I knew about it.

How is this vote not biased when people who vote GET PAID if the swap happens?

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janina answered 3 years ago

1. Email to all the registered users are sent, please register if you are not a registered user. 2. The idea of voting was introduced on 2nd June during AMA, please join monthly AMA or read the updates 3. Trading of ERC20 was halted on 28th May and until 15th June the message was shown 24*7 to make people aware of the situation and voting. 4. Coinmarketcap header advertisement was given to encourage users to participate in vote 5. The website homepage was updated with a clear message to participate in the vote and voice the opinion.
The swap was initiated, due to community member loss, where members proposed a reward for the community to find a solution. Users have voted based on their free will what ever they wanted, we had users who decide to vote No with reward as well. Although in the process we also decided to upgrade the technology from ERC20 to BEP2 and we do not need permission or voting of users for technological decisions related to SWAP. As a community-driven company voting was for the favor of the community to help us to make our decision. Cashaa reserves the right to decide which technology to use and update it from time to time.
Please make yourself aware and follow the communication, also to be reminded that the last date to SWAP your token without fee is 25th September. Post 25th September until 25th December there is a fee of 1% and after 25th December all the unconverted tokens will be burned or equally distributed to the community (the decision is pending). Please read the article posted at Knowledgebase for each date and timing related to SWAP.