“Important Notice – Last chance to SWAP CAS”??

DiscussCategory: CAS Swap“Important Notice – Last chance to SWAP CAS”??
Joe asked 3 years ago

Hi guys,
I don’t know what happened to your communications, but this wasn’t very well managed.  The email with the above title was only the second email ever received about any swapping that was needed (6th Dec 2019, and 18th Dec 2019). The last email communication I received from you prior to this was 6th May 2019.  I have attached the screenshot of my mailbox.  Now I’m having to re-register with Cashaa because my login account just vanished, create a wallet with you, buy some ETH so I can send the coins from my MEW.. and it seems I need to pay “50 GBP in CAS tokens or 1%, whichever is higher” according to your website for doing this late.
It seems I’m not the only one that haven’t been receiving any notice.
In a few hours if the swap isn’t done by the 23rd, my coins will be burnt? Care to explain?

Kumar G replied 3 years ago

Please join the official telegram channel and follow twitter to be updated about the latest updates.
The SWAP process started in June 2019.

Purpose to have the fees was to motivate the user to complete the SWAP in the first 90 days, and not waste valuable company resources in a non-commercial activity. At the last swap in Nov, after successful swapping of 80% of tokens, we announced that there will be no fee charged on any SWAP even done after the deadline, and we have not deducted fees from distribution done after the 90 days.