Libraries in Berlin: one half of the libraries are sealed.

More than every second library was forced to close in recent years, because the money is missing.

This is particularly the children from socially deprived areas. In a few areas already have volunteers handle the neighborhood libraries.

More than half of the Catalogue in Berlin has sealed lately. 217 residences counted the Statistical Place of work 1997 – in 2012 there was only 85. Barbara Schleihagen the German Selection Association speaks of a hazardous all over the country style that had been a result of the rigor on the cities. The slices in Berlin named Kirsten marshal the Expert Organization Information Selection a “distinct-lowering”. Vicinity libraries are really a shielded living space for the children, especially in deprived locations, the gehe. ‘ progressively missing

The same, since the Pisa distress rethinking has begun. After all, that does not read, publish and worse yet. Marshal Conclusion: who originates from a a lot less educated residence has to be a minimum of in their quarters Books made available get. 5-10 moment move, no massive streets in between, it may be on a daily basis the local library piece. If the range of CDs, books and games applies, “we might get all of them in, ” states that Marshall.

Serious reductions.

Hold advantage to the zones that Entleihzahlen regardless of the profound slashes declined only somewhat: In 1997, approximately 21 million media channels ended up obtained, in 2012 there were clearly about 20 zillion. However, during the same period, the population increased. As well as the reductions meet the foci notably formidable: “The borrowing figures are cheaper in socially disadvantaged communities, ” stated Councilwoman formation of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Dagmar Master (CDU). “The formation of the Far walk at most in a library around the corner, but do not sit down separately on the bus. ”

Nevertheless, the administration till 2016 should spend less. On your own from the Town Western side only 5 with the nine factors of librarians most likely to get replaced, which pass then relocate. To hook which would contain emperor two compact libraries or mix many.

Currently holds prior to a merger in Treptow-Koepenick. This coming online essay writer year, a “center local library” starts in Schoneweide, all around 60 000 people dwell in its catchment location. Concurrently, the section libraries special in Baumschulenweg as well as in Johannisthal. Oberschoeneweide its branch has recently suddenly lost, protests washed out rapidly.

Occupation cuts in spite of rising numbers of users.

For those go of the center libraries, Jurgen Radzkowski, the merging is bound to happen. In 2014 we lose four employees., even though “We have to cut jobs” For the new area you will see more time starting occasions, twelve Internet websites, a functionality bedroom and a considerably larger array. The center council experienced only agreed upon as you do with the very first facility collection in Koepenick due to the fact 2008 beneficial experiences: “The amount of users has more than more than doubled. ”

Based on this experience to Radzkowski can just imagine, to seal a lot more outlets or change it out having a bookmobile. A “cell phone selection” currently curving surrounding the Muggelsee and achieve more remote control places like Schmockwitz, with launching points during the several a long time a week but rather a stopgap.


Tagesspiegel cellular layout competitiveness for that new developing from the Central and Regional Selection.

On Friday, the 8 champions were actually introduced the ideas rivalry “Location participation Main and Local Catalogue”. An overall of 55 doing work categories consisting of landscape and architects architects had presented their layouts. This is the first of two tournaments for the design of the brand new local library.

Also Marzahn-Hellersdorf has a library death behind. Nevertheless they desired to special any extra destinations and remove libraries from downsizing, states Councilor Juliane Witt (still left). In underserved southern in the center a different store is even organized. In parallel, the “browsing destinations” promotion extends – a partnership with libraries in institutions, neighborhood clinics and centers. Witt relies upon interesting key libraries and quite a few more compact merchants.

Volunteers actually in operation.

To pass through in excess of just as before consider areas, neighborhood libraries volunteers. The Thomas Dehler selection in Schoneberg is manage by 22 volunteers have been of 2002. Numerous customers are college students. According to the Berlin Data Protection Commissioner customer data may be viewed only by public sector workers, however. In your home on the Martin-Luther-Stra? E no catalogue notes have been issued or restored. Hard cash build up are off boundaries, declining that, it must in the near future be a debit credit card website reader.

Art gallery.

Photographs findings on the HU selection.

Notes, ultrasound images and reminders remain accidentally in the HU library back often, even though some things will be forgotten on purpose. Employees gathered the artifacts and photographs.

In Prenzlauer Berg, the correlation “Pro town Botzowviertel” 2008, Kurt Tucholsky local library stored. But Coordinator Uta Egerer notices merely a “momentary choice” in volunteering. She states: Libraries “belong in the hands of trained professionals. “