Last chance to be part of the July-September 2019 Bonus reward

CAS is token for global crypto-friendly banking services, to be used to acquire the regulated banking services which are desperate need of the crypto industry. Even the giant of industry like Coinbase is not able to save its self from banking problems.

At the time of writing this email, more than 600 businesses have already registered to open their account with Cashaa, so far we were able to onboard 27 businesses through which we have till now collected more than 2,000,000 CAS tokens. Our onboarding and operations team is learning as well as growing to onboard more businesses to increase the utility of CAS tokens. As part of our newly introduced staking program, a part of this will be shared every quarter with users who have subscribed for the personal account.

At Cashaa we believe that for long term success of CAS token we need to have a powerful product and as a company, we are fully dedicated to it.

Crypto is all about transparency, and CAS is proving it.

We have migrated CAS to the Binance chain, and using the on-chain staking feature to bring transparency in our staking program. Staking directly on-chain has many advantages compared to centralized staking:

  1. Tokens will be locked on your address for the time period specified by you.
  2. The token will never leave your address, which means you are always in control.
  3. You will able to see on-chain how many users are participating in the staking program with complete transparency.

All the users who will stake before 30th August will get the bonus from the fees collected from 1st Sep till 30th Sep in addition to the upcoming quarter’s fees.

What you have to do now:

  1. Acquire CAS at Binance DEX
  2. Login in to your Cashaa account.
  3. Generate a CAS BEP 2 address in your Cashaa account.
  4. Deposit the CAS token into your Cashaa Wallet
  5. Go on the subscription page, select the plan to stake the token.

To know more about the staking program and bonus rewards click here. For any questions please raise a support ticket on Helpdesk.