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Cashaa is a “new age bank” where we welcome crypto lovers. Based in London, we have created a unique solution to serve the banking needs of individuals and businesses who want to use the new money without cutting themselves from the existing banks. This innovation would never have been possible without our community bonded with CAS token, which works as a fuel to power our services.

What can a user do with CAS?

  • If you are a high-risk business like crypto, the door for regular banks has always been shut down on your face all over the world. But if you have CAS you can get connected with banking without any issue. Users have to use CAS as a fee to get a UK current account (100,000 CAS), Euro IBAN (100,000 CAS) or even a US bank account (250,000 CAS).
  • Get access to our range of business banking services such as credit and debit card processing (100,000 CAS), and a higher account limit up to 2 Billion USD (1 Million CAS).
  • Get a personal crypto banking solution with Mastercard.
  • Pay transaction fees in CAS to get up to 50% discount on crypto to fiat conversion or vice versa.
  • Staking rewards, stake your CAS to earn quarterly bonuses.
  • To get access to our INR wallet (2500 CAS), if you are from India after RBI’s advice to the banks, users are left with only P2P options like Paxful and LBC. We recently launched the INR wallet which makes buying and selling crypto in INR as easy as with Coinbase.
  • For more utility information, visit our CAS token page.

How to buy CAS?

Credit and debit card: Users can log in to their Cashaa wallet to use a credit or debit card to buy CAS token.

Bank transfer: Users can buy CAS using FPS, SEPA, SWIFT from more than 200 countries using our GBP, Euro (temporarily disabled) and INR wallet.

Bitcoin & Ether: Users can deposit BTC or ETH into their Cashaa wallet and can instantly convert it into any fiat pair (GBP, Euro, INR) they like and use the balance to buy CAS.

Binance DEX: Users can use Binance DEX to trade CAS.

For more info visit www.cashaa.com

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