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Congrats to all the participants who exercised their right to CAS token governance. The result is very clear, our community supported our suggestion and voted with an overwhelming YES. Holders of more than 300 Million Tokens have participated in the voting process which ended with 99.2 % who supported the SWAP, while 0.8% were against the SWAP.

This is a great result and we can clearly see that putting the community first is the right decision for Cashaa and that we can advance best if we advance together!

The results including details token numbers can also be seen here.

We would therefore now like to officially announce that the swap is going ahead and we use the SWAP opportunity to migrate the ERC 20 CAS token to Binance Chain. The distribution of Binance chain (BEP2) CAS will start on 25th June. You can also find the CAS asset page on Binance Chain here, for the full list of Binance-based tokens, see here.

Why Binance Chain?

What started from our wish to help some individual community members who lost their tokens from MEW and MetaMask, resulted in the immense opportunity for us to connect to the expanding Binance ecosystem, which means a great sign of appreciation for us, and which was the main reason for us to choose the Binance Chain.

Other advantages of the Binance Chain include its speed, security, ease of use, efficiency, as well as the advantage of us still being one of the first adopters and pioneers to make use of this opportunity. Furthermore, as you know, Binance over the past years had an outstanding, impressive success story and has become one of the most well-known names in the crypto space, which leads to further trust for us as a business to partner with them.

Now we have the answer to ‘When Binance?’, but not only concerning a potential token listing but an ongoing collaboration that will result in the greater good for the crypto community. We are proud to be able to contribute to the Binance ecosystem with our highly-in-demand business accounts, being able to also bank every business building on Binance chain.

The Binance DEX

Our token listing process on Binance DEX will start soon, to join the first generation of tokens which are traded at one of the most sophisticated decentralized exchanges in the world. To set up your DEX account you can follow this tutorial.

Community support is very important for the listing process, Binance just announced that projects with the highest support on DEX will be also listed without any fee on Binance.com.

As CAS is among the few utility tokens in the world which are needed for more than speculative purposes, you can currently buy CAS tokens through the Cashaa platform by bank transfer/credit and debit cards/crypto for your needs.

How to swap your tokens?

  • Create an account on https://www.cashaa.com and click on “Swap CAS”
  • Transfer existing (ERC-20) CAS to the given ERC 20 address displayed on the page.

(You have to do this even if you hold CAS in Cashaa wallet, to be reminded Cashaa is a decentralized wallet and we can’t do anything until you initialize the transfer)

  • Once you made the deposit, you have the option to receive Binance Chain (BEP2) CAS in either your Cashaa wallet address (BNB chain address) or any other wallet supporting BNB Chain (for the list of compatible wallets, see here.)
  • If you decide to receive it in your Cashaa wallet, select ‘open a BNB wallet’ and enter the Binance chain address displayed in your account.

We will release the new tokens in batches to optimize the distribution cost, so please do not worry if you do not receive your tokens right away. You will receive an email when the batch is ready to send the tokens with tx id and the amount.

While multiple wallets are compatible with the BEP2 token, we advise you to make sure you store it as safely as possible — in the Cashaa wallet but do have the 2FA in place.

We are excited for the times ahead, looking forward to joining the Binance ecosystem including their businesses and community members. This is not only a new chapter for CAS token but also a promising new chapter for all of our journeys in Cashaa together!

For more information on the next steps including the Binance DEX voting and listing process, see our FAQ here.

The Cashaa Team

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