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Cashaa is making significant progress on our journey to build a complete ecosystem for businesses, consumers, banks, and financial institutions to manage fiat and digital currency on a simple, secure and regulated platform. 


Cashaa, along with its billion dollar market cap partners, is building a unique product that will be in high demand by multiple big and small decentralised protocols and marketplaces. Why did our partners not just build this product for themselves? Because they do not have access to the licences that Cashaa has worked hard to acquire in order to service more than 200+ crypto exchanges and businesses. In fact, all of our partners are also Cashaa business clients, which made their trust for Cashaa grow over time. 


As we are a banking platform, we decided to have our decentralized platform developed by someone who has built and scaled their network to millions of users and reached more than 10 billion USD in market cap. A Cashaa development team, headed by Amjad Khan, is handling the all-important crypto-fiat interface to allow average users to bypass the challenges of using meta-mask, private key management, etc. Instead, the average user can enter the DeFi market as simply as making any online purchase. There is a lot more to this story, and we will share details as we are able. However, we want to save the best news a little longer to create a strong launch and shake the crypto community. 


Our partners are extremely excited as Cashaa will bring more liquidity to their DeFi platform. Cashaa will benefit by being introduced to our partner’s user base of over 400,000 people. Cashaa users doing yield farming and staking on CashaaFi will get rewarded in CAS as well as in our partner coin.


Our marketing team is in touch with the development as well as marketing team of partners.  The end of June completion date is still on target, however, we may delay the launch a bit to fully coordinate marketing efforts.


Finally, to avoid brand confusion, we have decided to call our DeFi protocol CashaaFi instead of CashFi. 


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