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While using Cashaa Wallet, many of you have received the error message “insufficient balance,” despite seeming to have enough ETH in your wallet to use as fees.

We have identified the following reasons and would like to inform you about the steps taken to solve these:

1. The transaction which was awaited to broadcast is included in the wallet balance but is not present on the chain. Due to which there is a mismatch between on-chain balance and wallet balance. But as crypto is still not confirmed on-chain address message of insufficient funds is coming when the user is trying to spend the wallet balance.

Solution: To make this clear within our wallet, we have separated balances as awaited (under transaction) and available balance (on the chain).

2. Due to a bug in the Ethereum node, some tx IDs have not recorded.

2.1 Wallet Balance is available, but can’t spend:

When Send tx is missed, the user balance has not decreased from the wallet but is already spent. When the user is trying to send the balance, it is becoming a case of double-spend. Therefore users will receive a message of insufficient funds as the funds have already used.

2.2. Wallet balance is not available, but the address has the balance on Etherscan:

In the case of deposit tx missing, users have reported having a balance on chain but not being able to withdraw.

Solution: To solve the issues, we are scanning blocks for the last 1oneyear for in and out tx IDs from our addresses for CAS and ETH. It will take 36–72 hours to sync all the blocks; once the blocks are in sync, the issue will resolve automatically.

We are now running a backup node addition to the primary node. Also, we have implemented a Scheduler and Alarm, which will trigger the support and development team about any fault in nodes.

We hope the above information is helpful, and that you will be able to complete your swap successfully.

For any other questions about the swap, see our FAQ here. If you are facing any other issues, please raise a helpdesk ticket in your account.

Thank you for participating in the swapping process, and for your ongoing support.

The Cashaa Team

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