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STEP 1- Create an online business account and select the UK current account during KYC.

Please note: Crypto business using Privacy coins or Incorporated within 2 Year, can only apply for Ultra account, applying for an account does not guarantee the opening of the account.

Please make sure you have already 100,000 CAS to start the process in your account to start the process. 

You can buy CAS tokens through:

  1. Bank transfer in Euro, GBP, INR from Cashaa wallet.
  2. P2P through Binance DEX.


STEP 2 – Submit the documents given below with your relationship manager or apply online through your account. (Please make sure you provide all the documents)

1. Passport copies of UBOs, shareholders, and directors (notarised)
2. Utility bills of UBOs, shareholders, and directors (notarised)
3. Certificate of Incorporation (in English)
4. Articles of Association
5. AML/KYC procedural rules of the company
6. Business utility bill
7. Board resolution to open an account
8. Bank statement (in English)
9. Business model (including 3-year financial projections)


STEP 3 – Corporate Application Form will be shared by your relationship manager after the preliminary check. Please review, complete, and sign the attached Corporate Application form with the requested information relevant to the entity, and director that would be directly accessing the account. Also, please be sure to enter an email address that you intend to receive account-related information and log in to your account.

At step 3 additional documents may be asked once the application move to the next stage.

Frequently asked documents based on risk assessment such as:

  1. Shareholders source of Income
  2. Supporting documents related to the UBO’s
  3. Clarification documents or contracts supporting your claims related to AML and KYC policies.


STEP 4- After a successful evaluation, your relationship manager will share the account terms and conditions. Once the T&C is signed, you will receive the email with login credentials to access your UK current account.  Option to login to your Internet banking account will be activated inside your Cashaa wallet.


STEP5- For EU based companies Mastercard will be issued in 7-10 working days after the account is activated. No MasterCard will be issued to the companies based outside Europe.


To know the complete features and pricing of the UK Current account, please visit https://cashaa.com/UK-current-account

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