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Thanks for supporting our launch in India and we are proud to say that in less than 2 months we have become the safest, fastest and a low-cost Bitcoin exchange with the highest liquidity in India. 

To build our solution we had to understand the pain which the current Indian crypto community is going through. We found 5 major challenges which more than a billion people country is going through when coming to crypto. 


  1. High Risk: All existing P2P platforms in India let the customers deal with other traders directly (such as transfer funds in a seller bank account), exposing customers to an enormous amount of risk to lose or stuck user funds in case of a dispute. 


  1. Slow: The user has to wait for the seller to agree and come in contact to execute a deal.


  1. Low liquidity: Most of the peer to peer exchanges in India have 24 hours liquidity less than 1 BTC while buying in Indian rupees, due to which users have to deal as an average of 2 or more traders while doing a peer to peer deal for 1 Bitcoin.


  1. No direct access: Most platforms in India first ask users to buy USDT (with higher premium)  and then use this USDT to buy Bitcoin or any other altcoin. 


  1. Expensive: Buying 1 Bitcoin will cost up to 5-8% above the global market price after passing all the above challenges.


Vs Buying and Selling Crypto at Cashaa


  1. Safer: User funds are protected and guaranteed by Cashaa, no communication required to an unknown seller or buyer. 


  1. Fastest: Once INR is in the user account, users can convert into Bitcoin instantly. The only waiting time is the time taken by the user bank to send the payment which can be up to 2 hours. Currently, we support bank transfers through NEFT, RTGS & IMPS payment modes. 


  1. Unlimited liquidity: Users can buy 0.1 or 100 BTC in a single click, instantly. 


  1. Direct access: No jumping around and losing fees with different pairs, buy Bitcoin directly in Indian Rupees at global market price. 


  1. Lowest fees: As a global crypto banking provider we have transparent and honest pricing. We charge globally an exchange fee of 1.49% to manage our infrastructure. Users can reduce this fee by up to 50% by paying in CAS. (Discount will depend on country and type of plan). 


Hey, this isn’t the end! There is more you need to know about Cashaa.


  1. Your keys, your coins: Cashaa is a non-custody wallet which means crypto stored in the Cashaa wallet is only controlled by you. In fact, you can receive your Bitcoin directly at Binance, Bitmex or any platform you want after making your purchase instead of storing it in a Cashaa wallet. 


  1. Zero crypto fee: We do not charge any deposit/ withdrawal/ monthly fee for crypto wallet services. Even the network fee is paid by Cashaa so that you receive exactly the same amount of crypto which you purchased. 


  1. Unlimited Crypto-INR exchange: As the industry is preparing for the next bull run, we have removed the limit on the crypto exchange, users can exchange as much Bitcoin, Ether, and Cashaa from January 2020 as they like. 


E.g.: You can deposit 0.01 or 1,000 BTC or other supported crypto and convert them into Indian Rupee (₹) or vice versa. The limit will be only applied to the monthly deposit and withdrawals on bank transfers. To check the limits and features, please visit the pricing page.


However, due to banking challenges in India, we have to use multiple local agents where a minimum fee of ₹ 250 per transfer or 1.5 % + taxes are paid which is out of our control. We are working very aggressively to reduce this cost, still, with the present cost, the combined price of Bitcoin is global price + 2.99% fees which can be reduced up to 20 % if the fee is paid in CAS. Users can buy CAS token at Binance DEX or Cashaa wallet through credit and debit card or bank transfer. 


You must be wondering who we are?

Cashaa is the biggest crypto-friendly banking service provider based in London, helping thousands of crypto companies and many of your favorite coins with our banking infrastructure. Crypto-related businesses are underserved by banks all over the world not only in India. 


Our goal is to create a hassle-free banking experience for ICO, IEO, STO-backed companies, exchanges, wallets, and brokers. Till now we were a B2B company, in 2020 we are opening our banking services to personal users, we started with our wallet service in Euro (€), Sterling Pound (£) and Indian Rupee (₹) to manage fiat and crypto through one single account. In the second half of 2020, we are enabling international bank accounts with Mastercard for personal use. 


To buy crypto in India visit our dedicated page for Cashaa India. 


To visit our global website: Cashaa.com 


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