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I personally want to tell you a bit about what is going on behind the scenes regarding Cashaa marketing. We were coming from a situation where there was no systematic marketing. This was only 17 days ago. Since then things have dramatically changed. If we want to build a world-known brand that leads in the era of neobanking, we must also create a world-class marketing organization.

In the last 17 days, we’ve hired and onboarded a marketing leadership team consisting of three persons, including a Chief Communication Officer. We have also hired and onboarded a core marketing team that is leading in several core areas. This team focuses on things like online marketing, community design, visual and technical marketing (marketing automation, programming, etc.). Around this is a flexible layer with specialists that can help us on a project basis.

With this flexible layer, we are 16 strong in the marketing team alone PLUS the UNICAS team which is doing an excellent job all on their own. However, we will soon be integrating the UNICAS team to fully coordinate the Cashaa message. As you may know, UNICAS is a division of Cashaa specifically for the Indian market. The UNICAS team is elated over the recent positive news from the RBI showing a tidal shift towards crypto-friendly regulation. UNICAS now has a huge first mover advantage in India. Kumar’s bold vision is beginning to unfold.

Great players alone don’t make a great team. So if we want to have an organization that has a high capacity to do many things that can deliver high quality at high speed, but at the same time remain flexible, we need excellent leadership, organization and tools. We need a team that can provide and promote great news on products, acquisitions, etc.

One of the big advantages, but also a challenge, is that all members are in different places in the world. Just like, for example, WordPress, we are building a distributed, remote team to use the best talent from around the world. You can see in the map that we have people in the USA, The Netherlands, Estonia, Dubai, and India at this moment.

With a shared knowledge base, project and process management, people management, goals (OKR) management etc., we facilitate all those professionals with world-class tools like Semrush, Crystal Knows, Loom, Visual eyes, Figma (a design system), etc. So we are building an online platform focused on growth where all these talented people from around the world can work synergistically.

Some people were asking me why I am not telling more in the community, and some of them even demanded personal updates. I am a CMO building and leading a world-class marketing team from scratch, so my personal time is limited (although I don’t need much sleep). My time needs to be in everyone’s best interest, so if I spend it only giving personal updates to over 50K people, I end up achieving nothing. But I assure you I am following what people are saying in the community.

I am listening — and you will soon hear and see more of me and my team. But as you can see from everything written above, I need to keep my eye on the big picture, so if you have any questions, please post in Telegram or DM our official Telegram manager @cashaaknights.

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