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Product Updates

After the beta launch of our platform in March, we are proud of 186 businesses now having arrived at the shores of Cashaa, ready to leave legacy banking behind! We have started our accounts for businesses, whether you are in the UK or globally, and have closely worked with our first users.

We have included your feedback and have been focused on developing our business plans to make them even more suitable for your needs. These plans will go live on 8 April, here’s a sneak peek of some of their features:

Our accounts were made with a focus on inclusivity, empowering both large and small businesses, with monthly fees starting from as low as 0 monthly fee. For traditional businesses looking to accept cryptocurrencies, we offer our Start Plan, enable you to accept crypto with a 0 % volatility risk and the ability to convert it to 200 currencies. Our Standard Plan additionally includes a UK current account with Mastercard and is recommended for those businesses who are ready for new age banking also in fiat.

Our Advance Plan includes a UK current account with a Mastercard, in-built crypto-to-fiat conversion, and the ability to bank your own users, and a limit of 1 Billion GBP. This plan is dedicated to crypto businesses such as exchanges, wallet companies, ICOs, STOs, etc.

Stay tuned for our website updates to come until 8th April, with the full details on all these plans. Most importantly, make sure you spread the word with any business you know — we’re sure there’s something in it for them all!

After our successful AMAs presenting our products, we are now continuing with monthly AMAs — make sure you join us for the coming AMA including all you need to know on our next steps on

Sunday 7 April 2019, 3.30pm BST!


This month started with our CPO Archit and our VP Technology Amjad spreading the word at 2 leading conferences in Mumbai, Fintegrate Zone and Blockchained India:

In the following week, Janina met numerous businesses at Blockchain Tech World, the UK’s largest technology conference:

The month got a wonderful ending having presented at Cryptovator’s Blockchain for Business Event in London, where Janina met many old and new faces of the London community — make sure you watch the interview !

Cashaa in the Media

A highlight this month was having received a dedicated Coin Report by popular crypto influencer Nik Patel — make sure you !

We got covered in a range of media more — check out the following articles and interviews:

 (full report)

Definitely, great times ahead, make sure you share all this news with your contacts to get them onboarded too!

Looking forward to seeing you all at our AMAs on 7th!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

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