Home Knowledge base Announcements Migration of Cashaa wallet to centralised wallet is extended till 20 July 2020.

We all know that Cashaa platform has been moved to centralised platform saying bye to the decentralised wallet to strengthen its banking features.

As announced priorly, we had given a deadline to migrate all the users’ accounts to centralised wallet until 30 June 2020. But, 2 days past the deadline, we are still receiving support tickets from the users to migrate the accounts. To facilitate all such users to migrate their decentralised cashaa wallets to the centralised wallets, we are hereby confirming that the deadline has been extended two weeks more to 20 July 2020.

We request all the users who haven’t migrated till date to perform the migration process at the earliest possible time. Please be informed that support to decentralised wallets will not be provided after 20 July 2020.


What are the supported currencies in the centralised wallet?

Please note that going forward Cashaa wallet will only support Bitcoin, Ether, Cashaa and Tether in its banking application. We have removed the BNB wallet, so you will only able to see the BNB balance on the “Send” page to withdraw to the external address. Please complete the BNB withdrawals before 20th July 2020.

What happened to Spendable CAS?

SCAS- Spendable CAS balance is already transferred to your Cashaa wallet. This transfer is only for the users who had kept the balance in spendable CAS to pay fees in CAS. Now users don’t have to send CAS to a separate address to pay the fee on Cashaa platform; all fees will be deducted directly from your wallet if you have selected to pay the fees in CAS. You can activate this feature by clicking on “Pay fees in CAS”.

How to migrate Cashaa account?

For the accounts, which haven’t been migrated yet, you will be able to see the migration POP UP once you login to your cashaa account. Please click the popup and follow the instructions in the popup to migrate your account successfully. I hope this finds at ease to everyone.

You will need to enter your password to migrate securely to the new system. In case you have forgotten your password, you will need the User key, given on the PDF while generating the address.

Note: Please make sure that your wallet has a minimum of 0.00375BNB for successful migration of the wallet.

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