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Learn all about the Cashaa Exchange coming on 20 February!

Dear Cashaa Family,

If you joined our last AMA, you heard it already, now we announce it for all:

Our CMC Exchange will go LIVE on 20 February!

Which problems are we solving?

As you know, any centralized exchange can be hacked, seized or the access can get lost.

If you don’t hold the private key, you do not hold the coins or tokens, and anything can happen to them. Decentralized exchanges could be the future, but they do not have enough liquidity yet.

Another problem is convertibility, buying cryptocurrency with fiat. There are some good local exchanges, but the major ones like Binance, Huobi, and OkEX only deal with cryptocurrency.

Cashaa solves both.

With us, you can’t lose control of your digital tokens. We built a system where you always have the ownership without any central institution that can act without your permission.

The CMC wallet gives you to hold your tokens in a multi-sig. On top of that, we have built the Cashaa exchange engine. Like our wallet, our exchange is centralized in compliance and decentralized concerning security and funds management.

How does it work?

If you want to buy Bitcoin, you’ll get the best possible price from different centralized exchanges, different OTC pools as well as the Cashaa order book. When you confirm the price, in the same moment money from your Cashaa account gets deducted and you get the Bitcoin credited.

In this way, we solve the liquidity issue, give you a better price and you don’t need to have accounts with all these exchanges.

How to sell? You see the price, and the moment you say you want to sell, Cashaa asks for your private key, as Cashaa does not have the authority to take Bitcoin from your wallet. To make the process simple, we send the encrypted private key to your system, you enter your password to decrypt it, the Bitcoin gets signed, it goes to the centralized system, and you get your fiat back to your wallet.

Each time you transact through your wallet, buying or selling, and if anything happens to any intermediary, you are not at risk to lose either Bitcoin or fiat. All assets are always under your control.

Furthermore, our users get the following features:

  • Bank transfers from over 150 currencies

What’s next?

We’ll include the following cryptocurrencies in the coming months:

  • BSV, BCH, XRP (March)

In June, our mobile version will follow!

To see the presentation, click here.

Looking forward to our next session together — we hope you enjoyed it so far, see you soon!!

Team Cashaa

The Next Generation Banking Platform

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