Home Knowledge base Getting Started Guide How to swap token from you MEW wallet ?

Step 1: You will have to log in to www.myetherwallet.com and Access My Wallet.


Step 2: Please Click on Software section to log in.


Step 3: Select a Private Key and Continue.


Step 4: Enter your Private Key and Click on Access Wallet.


Step 5: Once you open your dashboard, you have to change the drop down from ETH to CAS.


Step 6: Take CAS Swap Address from Cashaa Portal.

Step 7: Enter your CAS Swap Address in MEW To Address text box, copied from Cashaa Portal and enter the Amount.


Step 8Your transaction will be successful and to check your transaction you can click on the Check Status on Etherscan.io.

Warning: Always take the SWAP address from your Cashaa account. SWAP address is unique for each user, tokens send to address not listed in your account can lead to permanent loss of the tokens.


For any help, you can raise a helpdesk ticket.

Thank You

The Cashaa Team


Dear All,

I’ve just sent 104838 CAS-ERC20 from my ether wallet to the address given by cashaa swap site (address: 0x2ba16203b0df1EeE8e7D50336C6abAf4b34964A5)
the transaction hash:

How much time does it take to get the CAS on the swap site ?? It still shows 0 CAS received ???

Is this swap some fraud or something ???

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