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Thanks for reaching out. Please note that if you have any questions or issues, you can also raise a helpdesk ticket in your account. This enables our team to see relevant information on your account, as well as the possible issue more quickly and easily, and therefore we will be able to help you faster and better.


Please see the following steps to raise a ticket:

1.Sign in your account via the “SIGN IN” button at the top right: 









2. Enter your Email id and Password to log in.

3. After login and select your Profile.

4. Select “Help Desk”.

5. Now you can open a ticket by clicking on the highlighted button on the right:

6. Please select a Category of your issue.

7. Give a Subject as well as your Message you can attach a file also and Submit.

Please use this method from now on for any queries related to your account.

Thank You



Dear CASHAA Support,

We are a crypto exchange provider interested in opening B2B and C2B accounts both SEPA and SWIFT.

I have already registered however it seems as private account how do I upgrade to business account?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you

Hello good, I write you about month coins of cashaa I have not been able to send it to an exchange house, can you help me please

Hello I have purchased cashaa token during ICO. I m not able to login now and also i am not able to reset my password. Please help me.

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