Home Knowledge base Announcements How to migrate your Cashaa wallet from Decentralised to Centralised Wallet

Cashaa has extended the deadline of migration of the Cashaa wallet 20 July 2020.

Please check below to understand how the migration is performed in a Cashaa wallet.

Step 1: The migration popup would be visible in the user’s account which is not migrated yet as below.

Users have to click the Click Here button on the popup and proceed to migration.

Step 2/a: Users have to enter the login password if user hasn’t changed password in recent times and click transfer to migrate the cashaa wallet to centralised wallet. Please refer to the image below:


Step 2/b:  If users have changed the password, the system asks you to enter your user key form the Key Card you have downloaded at the time of registering the account. Please refer to the image below:


Below is a sample of the User Key Card: Please note this Keycard was provided, during activating your wallet address. We have activated your address only after you entered the activation code.

Step 3: After entering the credentials, please click the TRANSFER button to migrate your account to the centralised wallet.

The system will generate two results stating “Migration is Successful” or “Migration is in Process”.

If your migration is successful, you will be able to see your balances straight away.

If the result shows as Migration in progress, please raise a support ticket and we will resolve the issue and complete your account migration from our end.

What if my migration is successful but I Can’t see my balances?

Please refresh the browser and log in again into your account. You will be able to see the balances in your dashboard.

However, if you aren’t able to see the balances yet, please raise a support ticket to resolve the issue and notify you. – Please note it requires manual intervention and will be done on following Saturday.

What if my migration is successful but I don’t see my BNB balance?

Please be informed that after moving to the centralised platform, we will not be supporting BNB. Currently, we will be supporting BTC, ETH, CAS in the initial stages and will be adding more cryptocurrencies while we evolve completely as a Crypto Bank.

BNB can be withdrawn from Send page or on users demand we will convert the BNB to CAS tokens. Please refer to below image:

Note: We once again request our users who haven’t migrated their cashaa wallets to migrate at the earliest possible time.

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