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How to make Fixed deposit in Fiat currency to your Cashaa account : Step by step Video Tutorial


1. Log in to your Cashaa account. On the [Activity] page, you can see all the fiat currency cards (with your balances) displayed on the top of the page. Choose the currency to make a Fixed Term deposit in and Click the Earn up to xx pill button.

2. Alternatively, go to the [Account] page, choose the currency and click the Earn up to xx pill button.

3. The pop-up card displays your balance, current loyalty level, existing flex (for personal account users only) and Fixed term interest rates. Click [Fixed Term]

4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit for interest, select the Interest Mode, and the Term of your choice and click [Continue].

5. Check “Auto Renew” (Optional)
*Note : If you opt for auto renewal, your Fixed-term deposit will be renewed automatically on the date of maturity . You can also cancel this option any time before your existing term ends.

6. On the final page, verify the terms of the deposit, accept the Terms of Use and click [Confirm] to successfully complete your Fixed deposit.

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