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Step 1: Please login into www.cashaa.com, If you do not have an account please register for an Account.


Step 2: Select 2FA Security.


Step 3: You have to download the Google Authentications Application. If you have an iPhone you can select App Store or If you have an Android Phone you can select Google Play. 


Step 5: Open the Google Authentications Application on your Mobile Phone.



Step 6: Select BEGIN


Step 7: The next screen of Google Authentications Application will show the instructions then click Finished.



Step 8: In this screen, you have to Add an Account with the help of Barcode or Secret Key.


  •   If you select Scan a barcode you have to Scan QR Code from Cashaa Portal.

           Phone screen                                                         Laptop/Desktop screen Cashaa portal    



  •  If you select Provided Key then enter the code which is given on the right side of QR code.

          Laptop/Desktop screen Cashaa portal

        Mobile Phone screen    


Step 9: Select Backup Key and save this backup key as it will be used to recover your Google Authenticator Account in case of loss of your phone.


Step 10: The last step will be to Enable 2FA.

      Laptop/Desktop screen Cashaa portal.


  • Backup Key: Enter your Backup Key 
  • Login Password: You have to enter your Cashaa Password.
  • 2FA Code: You will get this from Google Authentications.


     Mobile Phone screen    


Step 11: Your 2FA second step will be complete. This second step will be activated for all your transactions.

For more security on Cashaa Account you can activate 2FA on your login Page with following steps :

Step 1: Click on 2FA security. 

Step 2: Swipe the button towards the right and you will get a 2FA code on your Google Authentications.

Step 3: Enter the Code and click on Update.


Step 4: 2FA update successfully.



For any help, you can raise a helpdesk ticket.

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